Cobra Kai Season 5 Premiere Recap: Is Miyagi-Do Closed For Good? Plus, [Spoiler] Joins the Villainous Dojo

The All Valley Tournament may be over, but the ramifications of its outcome are about to light the valley on fire.

In the Season 5 premiere of Cobra Kai, the escalating conflict with Terry Silver has turned Daniel LaRusso’s life upside down. With the tournament finally behind them, some people have moved on from all of the karate drama, but Daniel can’t pull away from his obsession with Silver. Meanwhile, Miguel’s trip to Mexico gets off to a bumpy and dangerous start. Was Johnny able to find his mentee, and what’s Chozen’s role in all of this madness? Let’s recap (and be sure to watch our Episode 1 Q&A with stars Ralph Macchio and William Zabka afterward):

We open with a commercial showcasing “the new era” of Cobra Kai. The ad teases the dojo’s new locations opening up, and from the looks of it, it’s going to be a bigger threat than ever with Silver in charge.

At the Russo household, Amanda is angry that Daniel brought his “Okinawan assassin” into the mix. I guess Chozen swimming in the nude wasn’t exactly what she needed to see to start her morning, so we can’t blame her for being completely over it.

In Mexico, Miguel gets hustled by a gang that steals his bag, then charges him to get it back. He forks over almost all of his cash, then moseys off to begin his search for his dad, Hector Salazar. Johnny and Robby are also in Mexico and on the hunt for Miguel, only Robby doesn’t know the real reason for the trip. As they talk, Johnny accidentally drives off the road and gets a flat.

Daniel tells his students that he’s closing Miyagi-Do to keep them safe. “This dojo may be closing, but Miyagi-Do lives inside each and every one of you still,” he says. To say the group is disappointed would be an understatement. But with Silver being the psychotic madman that he is, this sensei isn’t taking any chances.

Cobra Kai Season 5 Premiere RecapSam is haunted by losing the All Valley match against Tori. Miguel calls to interrupt her train of thought. She tells him if his mom left her country to get away from his dad, it was probably for a good reason. When she asks Miguel why he isn’t asking about her match, he’s peeved she’s only focusing on herself.

Daniel and Chozen scout out Cobra Kai’s new location, where the dojo is busy signing up new students. Chozen watches Silver through the glass, and says he’s seen his moves before. He mentions Kim Sun-Yung, a leader who taught a controversial style of fighting based on deception. No honor, no mercy. Since Silver is following in those footsteps, they’ve got to be even more careful. “To catch serpent, you must think like serpent,” Chozen says. “We will use his style against him.”

Miguel meets a little boy named Luis. When the kid’s ball rolls into the street, Miguel saves him from getting flattened. The boy’s parents invite him to dinner to repay him, and the man introduces himself as… Hector Salazar! “This is strange. I feel like we’ve met somewhere before,” says Hector. But Miguel doesn’t come clean right away.

Robby decides to take a bus back home, while Johnny goes to talk to the gang of surfers who ripped off Miguel. As one guy tries to steal his wallet, Johnny exchanges words with the leader. Another gangster tries to choke him with wire, but Robby interrupts the attack with a flying kick, giving us the season’s first major tussle. As expected, Johnny and Robby deliver quite the ass-whoppin’, which these ruffians totally deserve. Robby then decides to stay in Mexico to help make things right.

As the episode draws to a close, Daniel puts a large tarp over his Miyagi-Do sign, while Robby and Johnny drive onward into the night. As Daniel and Amanda clink some tasty looking adult beverages, Silver introduces a team of new senseis to his students. And one of those new senseis is Chozen.

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