She-Hulk Video Q&A: Tatiana Maslany Talks Orphan Black VFX Comparisons, Previews a 'Tension' With Daredevil

Tatiana Maslany previously played a gaggle of clones on Orphan Black, brilliantly navigating the digital magic needed to make that tricky team-up happen. How did her experience transforming into a 6-foot-7, green She-Hulk compare?

Speaking with TVLine in the video Q&A above (ahead of She-Hulk: Attorney at Law‘s anticipated premiere thisThursday on Disney+), the Emmy winner notes that “Orphan Black certainly prepared me for a sense of, ‘How do you move through a very technical blocking and a technical performance requirement, but also have spontaneity and be in the moment and be present?’ That was definitely a great training ground for this.”

But the difference in doing/becoming a She-Hulk, she says, “is that there’s definitely a transformation that happens, but I don’t actually get to feel it, because I’m in this mo-cap suit,” wearing both a helmet cam that maps her facial expressions as well as a “second head” atop her own, to help co-stars with their eyelines.

“If I look in the mirror, I don’t see She-Hulk and go, ‘Oh yeah, I am her,'” Maslany explains. “It’s a totally different suspension of disbelief.”

The live-action Marvel comedy’s front woman then shares the No. 1 ProTip she gleaned from MCU vet/on-screen cousin Mark Ruffalo, who as Bruce Banner has been hulking out for a solid decade — “It was really a superhuman feat to witness an actor do,” she raves — before teasing best she was able the dynamic between her Jen Walters and fellow legal eagle Matt Murdock, when Daredevil’s path eventually crosses with She-Hulk’s on the new Marvel series.

After giving fans a provocative hint of what to expect from that meet-up, Maslany avows, “Charlie [Cox] was fantastic to play with.”

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