Westworld Recap: 'Maybe This Time...' — Did Season 4 End With a Bang? And Was That Maybe a Series Finale?

westworld season 4 finale

Westworld Season 4 — and possibly the series? — concluded on Sunday night with “Que Sera, Sera,” a finale that pit Hale, Christina, Caleb et al against a world on fire. (The EPs tell our sister site Deadline there is no word on renewal yet.)

The finale opens with a street littered with corpses. Civilians kill each other without mercy or ceremony, turning once-quiet city blocks into veritable war zones. Fleeting guest castings come and go. (Hey, Steven Ogg!) A young sharpshooter takes out a handful of these murderous pedestrians, before William kills him. The Man in Black has very much plunged the world into chaos and returned to his element.

Westworld S4 finaleBack at the tower, Hale’s faceless subordinates recover and revive her. “Make me stronger,” she tells them. But, “Leave my scars. I want to remember my past.” Her voice is quiet but strong, held steady by resolve. She ascends the tower to see William’s handiwork for herself. There, she finds the message that Bernard recorded on a tablet, seconds before William shot him. It turns out that Bernard had left the message specifically for Hale.

Westworld MayaAt her apartment, Christina is reeling from the revelation that she isn’t real. Teddy channels Descartes with an “I think, therefore I am” platitude, but Christina is overcome with confusion and grief. She suddenly realizes that she was never alone because the part of her that created this world created her friends to keep her happy. That means Maya (whom we’ve been wondering about) was a figment of Christina’s mind, a construct she dreamt up so she wouldn’t feel alone. She says she needs to wake up, and she and Teddy kiss on her balcony.

A furious Hale remotely interrupts their make-out sesh by stomping out her hologram of New York City. The buildings around Teddy and Christina begin to flicker. Teddy realizes Hale is coming for them, but Christina declares she won’t give up her world without a fight. Hale destroys the hologram but keeps stomping, eventually cracking the tower floor and revealing what she’s actually after — one of Dolores’ pearls.

A deteriorating Caleb, a wounded Frankie and Stubbs stop to rest. Stubbs worries that they won’t escape the city, while Caleb remains determined to do right by his daughter. They take refuge at a convenience store, where Frankie tells Caleb that Uwade died of cancer years ago. Caleb’s body is failing him, Frankie observes, but he won’t explain himself to her.

WestworldHale visits OG William in prison. Upon discovering his body, Hale remarks, “Finally got what you wanted.” Clementine steps out of the shadows, and after a brief back-and-forth, convinces Hale to set her free. Hale sends a handful of hosts after the errant William copy in an effort to slow him down. William kills his pursuers (Hey, Jonathan Tucker!) and communicates with Hale using a pair of glasses that project her onto a nearby tree stump. It’s here we learn William’s new goal: to destroy the Sublime. So he sets off for the Hoover Dam on horseback.

In her reality, Christina spots Maya sitting on a bench under a large tree. It’s a quiet scene in which Maya tells Christina that she can choose what parts of the world she sees. She talks of an “ancient order” and a “deep peace,” referring of course to the natural world and its beauty.

Clementine and an armed civilian take turns attacking Caleb, Frankie, and Stubbs at the convenience store. Clementine shoots the nameless assailant before brutally killing Stubbs. She then briefly engages Caleb in a fierce fight before Frankie shoots her in the head with the one bullet she apparently did have left.

Westworld Season 4 FinaleWilliam arrives at the Hoover Dam and begins his assault on the Sublime. Hale intercepts and confronts him, saying that William has been “infected” by his now-dead human counterpart. A fierce battle ensues, leading the two out and around the dam as the door to the Sublime pulses…

William gains the upper hand and chases Hale into a nearby tunnel, triggering a flashback in which we learn that Bernard’s final message is actually a set of instructions. We are reminded how Bernard left a gun in that same tunnel (for Hale to use in this precise moment), and Hale indeed grabs the gun, shoots William, and carves the control unit out of his head. She grinds his pearl to dust as she staggers away.

Westworld Season 4 FinaleCaleb and Frankie meet Odina at the docks, where Caleb tells Frankie the truth: that her father died long ago and that this body is dying. They tearfully say goodbye.

Using Dolores’ pearl, Hale transfers Christina, Teddy and their world into the Sublime. There, Christina realizes that she was able to bring Teddy back because Dolores loved him so deeply. Westworld Season 4 FinaleBefore Teddy can be too horrified about not existing, Christina wakes up in her bed. At first, it’s Teddy sitting at the foot of her bed. But he transforms into Dolores as she looked and sounded at Westworld all those years ago. She tells Christina that they are reflections of their creators, and that humans will go extinct.

Westworld Season 4 Finale“Que Sera, Sera” ends with Christina striding through the burning streets of New York City as Dolores, while a battered Hale strips off her meat suit, removes her control unit from her own head and grinds it up in her hand. The final moments see Christina using the Sublime to return to Westworld, where in a bit of narration she talks of her hope that things will be different now.

And that’s a wrap on Westworld Season 4! This certainly felt like a series finale, didn’t it? (The EPs tell Deadline there has been no decision yet.) Let us know what you thought about this banger of a closer.

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