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'A' Finally Speaks in Pretty Little Liars Episode 4 — Maia Reficco Recalls the 'Surreal' Moment ('I Started Sobbing!')

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Pretty Little Liars fans are used to “A” sending threatening messages, typically of the text variety. But actually speaking out loud? That’s a new one.

The scarecrow-looking monster utters his first words in Episode 4 of Original Sin, now streaming on HBO Max along with Episode 5, after he tries to murder Noa at her apartment building. Actually, let’s talk about that part first.

“That was so exciting,” Maia Reficco tells TVLine of the big moment. “I remember Lisa Soper, our director for that episode — and for episodes 1, 2, 5 and 10 — coming up to me and saying, ‘This is your moment. Enjoy it.’ I started sobbing, because it was such a surreal, pinch-me moment.”

As for filming Noa’s escape, Reficco relished the opportunity. “I’m a gymnast, so physical stuff is my favorite,” she says. “And in terms of the storytelling, it’s pretty insane to get the first chase sequence of the show.”

“We were surrounded by such an incredible crew,” Reficco adds, giving special kudos to Original Sin stunt coordinator Tracey Ruggiero, as well as to “the incredible team of stunt actors who made that scene happen. Everyone was so good at what they do, so I felt pretty inspired.”

Unfortunately, “A” is also very good at what he does. After narrowly escaping his clutches, Noa demanded that he tell her what he wants. “Punish the guilty,” he replied in a voice even more unsettling than you’d expect from a murderous psychopath. More specifically, Noa was to punish her mother, which she did by calling the hospital and reporting her for stealing pills.

Elsewhere in Episode 4: Imogen digs deeper into her mother’s connection to Angela, only to find key pages ripped out of her journal; Faran suspects that Kelly might actually be Karen, enlisting Henry’s help in proving her theory; and Tabby decides to film a gender-swapped Psycho shower scene for her film class, foolishly casting Greg as the male lead.

OK, let’s talk — what did you think of Noa’s encounter with “A”? And are you on board with Faran’s theory about Kelly? Drop a comment with all of your thoughts on Episode 4 below.