Only Murders Solves Lingering Season 1 Mystery, Throws Mabel for a Loop

Only Murders in the Building Season 2, Episode 6

Only Murders in the Building this week not only reveals who texted Charles and Oliver the night Bunny died, but appears to rule out a prime suspect in her murder.

Remember when Charles in the Season 2 opener confronted Detective Williams about the above-mentioned text message, and she vehemently denied it came from her? Well, Charles didn’t believe her. Now in possession of a matchbook containing a fingerprint, the trio decides to text Williams and turn over the evidence. But when Kreps reveals that Williams is in Denver, out on maternity leave, the trio realizes they’ve been texting with the killer.

In order to ID the killer, Charles, Oliver and Mabel must play dumb. They tell Not-Detective Williams that they’ll leave the matchbook inside a Stop & Shop bag, inside a trash can, outside Morningside Park. But instead of the evidence, they’ll plant a glitter bomb for the killer and wait for it to go off, at which point they’ll make a citizen’s arrest. Pretty clever, huh? Unfortunately, our trio gets distracted discussing Charles’ relationship with Jan, and the killer gets away on foot. (Not to worry: Charles eventually sends Brazzos stunt double Sazz Pataki to break up with Jan on his behalf.)

Only Murders in the Building Season 2, Episode 6Afterwards, Mabel pops into Alice’s gallery. There she discovers the Third World collective hard at work on a “Bloody Mabel” exhibit. Alice is even dressed as Mabel, kneeling before Bunny’s stand in. (Yikes!) Suddenly it seems like the only thing Alice is guilty of is deceiving Mabel and breaking her heart. A shellshocked Mabel makes a beeline for the nearest subway, only to wind up in the same car as the killer, who is now covered in glitter. When the killer approaches Mabel, she takes out her knitting needle and stabs them. A fellow passenger captures the incident on their cell phone, and before long it goes viral. Oliver and Charles watch the video in horror as the episode draws to a close.

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