Echoes Trailer: Michelle Monaghan and Michelle Monaghan Swap Lives in Netflix's Missing Twin Thriller — Watch

Michelle Monaghan is pulling double duty in TVLine’s exclusive trailer for the Netflix mystery thriller Echoes, from co-showrunners Brian Yorkey (13 Reasons Why) and Quinton Peeples (Runaways).

The Path vet stars as identical twins Leni and Gina, who share a dangerous secret. “Since they were children, Leni and Gina have secretly swapped lives, culminating in a double life as adults: they share two homes, two husbands and a child,” reads the official synopsis, “but everything in their perfectly choreographed world is thrown into disarray when one of the sisters goes missing.”

As Gina digs into her sister’s mysterious disappearance in the above trailer, the question becomes: Has Leni just run away? But from what? Or is she actually dead? And did she leave Gina the worst birthday present (a book with the note, “You get both lives. Choose”)?

Echoes Matt BomerMatt Bomer (Doom Patrol, White Collar) and Daniel Sunjata (Graceland) play the twins’ respective husbands. The cast also includes Ali Stroker, Karen Robinson, Rosanny Zayas, Michael O’Neill, Celia Weston, Gable Swanlund, Tyner Rushing, Hazel and Ginger Mason, Alise Willis and Maddie Nichols.

Vanessa Gazy (Australia’s Eden) is credited as creator/writer on Echoes and serves as an executive producer alongside Yorkey and Peeples.

The limited series premieres with all seven episodes on Friday, Aug. 19. Press PLAY to watch the trailer, then check out the newly released key art below and hit the comments with your first impressions!

Echoes Keyart