Sistas Recap: With Zac a Free Man, Is 'Zatima' Finally Out of the Woods?

Sistas Recap

Score one for “Zatima.”

Wednesday’s episode of Sistas finally reunited the supercouple by freeing Zac, thanks to an eleventh-hour power move by Robin. You know, it’s too bad that Aaron took away Gary’s telescope, because he’ll be missing one heck of a show in Andi’s apartment after all of this.

Do we know exactly what kind of magic Robin worked to make this happen? Absolutely not. But Zac and Fatima could really use a win right now, so I’m just going to celebrate this for what it is. And leave it to Zac to romanticize this whole thing; when Fatima tried to apologize for setting all of this drama into motion, he reminded her that they were merely standing up for one another. More specifically, “birds of a feather go to jail together.” Come on, you know the saying!

But because Zac and Fatima are only allowed to be happy for brief periods of time, that stupid little weasel Hayden is already hatching a new scheme. Robin warned Andi that he saw Hayden’s gross little weasel paws typing furiously at his laptop, combing a federal database of airport footage.

“That’s how you did this s–t,” Hayden said to himself while watching one particularly incriminating video. “She’s a senator’s wife, and she told you. I got you now, you little bitch.” Once again, do we know exactly what the little weasel is looking for? No, we do not. But just like him as a person, I’m sure it can’t be good.

Elsewhere in the Sista-verse… Bayo confirmed to Sabrina that he is a prince, though he insists “it’s a very small country”; Danni made a dinner date with her FBI squeeze; and Aaron found Zac’s old keys in one of Karen’s cushions. Overall, this was not the most eventful episode of Sistas. (I feel like half of the scenes involved Jake paying that contractor and calling around to speakj wit

Your thoughts on this week’s did-anything-actually-happen episode of SistasDrop ’em in a comment below.

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