The Patient Trailer: Steve Carell Is a Therapist in Danger in Hulu's Thriller

Steve Carell is used to dealing with difficult personalities on TV — but his new role on Hulu’s The Patient is on a whole other level.

In a new trailer for the psychological thriller, which you can watch above, the former Office star plays Alan Strauss, a therapist who helps his patients deal with their conflicting emotions… even as he has a few of his own. (He and his wife are now sleeping in separate beds, for example.) He has one particular patient, a troubled young man named Sam (Domhnall Gleeson), who is desperate for Alan’s counsel: “I’m not normal… I need to get better.”

Alan’s work with Sam seems conventional at first, but then we see disturbing glimpses of Sam lashing out in anger and digging a hole. Uh-oh. “I have a compulsion to kill people,” he confesses to Alan — as we see that he has Alan held captive during their sessions, with a heavy chain latched to his ankle. “Successful therapy requires a safe environment,” Alan warns Sam… but as we see Sam disposing of multiple dead bodies, this isn’t looking very safe at all.

The Patient — an FX production written and executive-produced by The Americans‘ Joel Fields and Joe Weisberg — premieres on Hulu on Tuesday, Aug. 30 with the first three episodes. Press PLAY above for a sneak peek, and tell us in the comments: Will you be booking a session?