Did Stranger Things' Jocks Waste Our Time? Was Big Brother 24 a Bore? Did Evil Get I-95 All Wrong? And More Qs!

Stranger Things Jason

We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about lotsa shows including Stranger Things, Big Brother, The Orville and Star Trek: Strange New Worlds!

Stranger Things1 | Stranger Things finale spoilers! 🅐 If Eleven was in a sensory deprivation bath, shouldn’t Mike, Will & Co. have stopped talking to her and vice versa? 🅑 Why does superpowered Vecna physically lug Max around the Upside Down? 🅒 Speaking of Max, wasn’t her “death” super slow, only to allow El time to find the will to keep fighting? 🅓 Meanwhile, for how long were Steve, Nancy and Robin being choked against the stairwell wall…? (Nearly 30 minutes passed on-screen!) 🅔 And at the end of day, with all of Season 4 now consumed, wasn’t Jason & the Jocks’ meandering manhunt a pretty disposable D-story?

2 | Evil viewers: Is there any stretch of I-95 in the New York/New Jersey/Connecticut tri-state area in which there’s nearly no traffic — even in the dead of night?

3 | On The Chi, didn’t you think it would take a little longer for Trig’s — excuse us, Victor’s — record to be cleared so he could run for office?

4 | How much residual embarrassment did you feel for Today‘s Craig Melvin when he totally biffed the intro to the pyrotechnics at the Macy’s 4th of July Fireworks Spectacular?

5 | Did Only Murders in the Building‘s “Bunny’s last day” episode throw you a bit, with how much time passed between the podcasters catching Jan and Bunny turning up stabbed?

6 | Between Hulu’s Maggie and The Boys, is My Octopus Teacher having a moment? And did you recognize Maggie’s love interest Daniel as Madison’s hubby Elijah from This Is Us?

Ms Marvel7 | Was anything more conspicuous (and presumably cost-saving!) this week than Ms. Marvel not actually showing Kamala climb a flight of hard-light platforms to go say goodbye to Kareem, yet showing her mom watching her do so? All as “bloop-bloop-bloop” sound effects played?

8 | Did The Challenge: USA contestant Enzo really throw shade at Leo for talking about cats too much, when Enzo called himself “The Meow-Meow” in the Big Brother house?

9 | Was the premiere of Big Brother 24 perhaps one of the most boring reality-TV episodes ever?

10 | Why would The Orville‘s Charly walk into a 2025 biker bar having any of what/who she’d encounter and what currency (e.g. strength/arm wrestling) they’d trade in? (Would you feel confident strolling into a 17th-century watering hole?) And where did she take motorcycle riding lessons?

11 | Did ABC’s Generation Gap make the older folks out there want to tear your hair out? Or is it just an accepted truth that a 14-year-old wouldn’t recognize Josie and the Pussycats, or know which band sang “Surfin’ USA”? Also, was the final Toddler’s Choice bonus round delightfully silly… or, frankly, a bit weird?

12 | Is ABC’s The Fatal Flaw quite possibly the dullest, cheapest-looking true crime series ever made?

13 | Star Trek: Strange New Worlds fans, how much did you love hearing an engineer calling out to Spock with a heavy Scottish accent? And how much would you pay for a cookbook of all of Captain Pike’s delicious dishes?

14 | Could Good Trouble‘s Jenna (played by Maiara Walsh) be a doppelgänger for Zoe Lister-Jones? Are you impressed by just how much she and Joaquin (Bryan Craig) look like they could actually be siblings in real life? Finally, how pleasantly surprised were you to see guest star Michael Cassidy?

15 | For All Mankind viewers, which each passing episode this season, are you hoping more and more that Danny gets lost in space?

16 | Between the reference to Falcon Crest earlier this season and this week’s shout-out to Jane Wyman, is it fair to say someone in The Boys writers’ room is a big fan of CBS’ circa-’80s primetime soap?

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other Qs you care to share!