24's Gregory Itzin Dead at 74

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Onetime 24 POTUS Gregory Itzin died on Friday, at the age of 74. Itzin, who had suffered a major heart attack back in 2015, died from complications that arose during an emergency surgery, EW reports.

Jon Cassar, who was an executive producer and director on Fox’s 24, shared the sad news on Twitter, hailing Itzin as “one of the most talented actors I had the honor to work with” and “an all around great guy.”

Itzin is well-remembered for his run as 24‘s Charles Logan, a Machiavellian-if-sniveling politician. Logan debuted during Season/Day 4 as VP to President John Keeler (played by Geoff Pierson); by Hour 17 of that season, after Keeler had been incapacitated, Logan invoked the 25th Amendment to take over as POTUS.

Throughout his 24 run, Itzin earned two Emmy nominations — for Supporting Actor in a Drama (for when Charles Logan emerged as a major Season 5 player) and for Guest Actor in a Drama, for his Season 10 return as the former and thoroughly disgraced POTUS. (Jean Smart in turn collected a pair of Emmy nods, for playing Charles’ calculating wife Martha.) Itzin was also honored as a part of Season 5’s SAG Award-nominated ensemble.

Itzin’s TV career began in the late 1970s/early 1980s, with bit parts on series such as Charlie’s Angels, Fame and the sudser Santa Barbara. His first major gig came in 1989 on the NBC sitcom The Nutt House, followed by roles on Eerie, Indiana, L.A. Law, Something Wilder, Murder One, Profiler, Friends, Judging Amy and a variety of Star Trek series.

Hot off his 24 run, Itzin would play Big Love‘s Senator Dwyer, Lisbon’s boss Virgil Minelli on The Mentalist, Jai’s father Henry Wilcox on Covert Affairs, and Mob City‘s Mayor Brown. More recently, he guested on a February 2020 episode of NCIS.

Sendhil Ramamurthy, who played Covert Affairs‘ Jai, remembers Itzin as Aa “consummate professional and all around lovely man…. Such a pleasure working with you, Greg.”

Outside of TV, Itzin earned a Tony Award nomination in 1994 for his role in The Kentucky Cycle, and sorta-memorably played Religious Zealot #1 in 1980’s Airplane!

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