Boo, Bitch! Premiere: Grade Netflix's Ghostly Lana Condor Comedy Series

Boo Bitch Netflix

If you loved MTV’s Awkward but wished that at least one of the characters had been a ghost, has Netflix got a new show for you.

With its self-centered lead, hyperactive bestie and parents with absolutely no boundaries whatsoever, Boo, Bitch! leaves no Awkward box unchecked. Heck, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t also see shades of Matty McKibben in Boo, Bitch!‘s dreamy-but-sensitive male lead.

None of this should come as any surprise, of course, given that Awkward creator Lauren Iungerich and executive producer Erin Ehrlich are among the co-creators of Boo, Bitch!, along with Tim Schauer and Kuba Soltysiak.

Now streaming in eight easy-breezy installments, Boo, Bitch! stars stream queen Lana Condor (also an executive producer on the project) as Erika Vu, a high school senior determined to make a name for herself in the final weeks before graduation — a mission that becomes infinitely messier when she discovers that (oops!) she’s dead.

This realization comes at the end of Boo, Bitch!‘s first episode, setting the stage for a quick binge of supernatural shenanigans, relationship drama and one supremely jarring shot of a baby being unexpectedly born in a hot tub.

As the season progresses, Erika’s afterlife becomes increasingly complicated as she struggles to determine her unfinished business and finish senior year with a bang — all while making sure her rotting corpse doesn’t completely decompose before she gets a chance to ascend. (It’s been said that high school is hell. But for Erika, it’s more like purgatory.)

The characters in Erika’s orbit include her off-beat bestie Tamara Gia (Zoe Colletti), who gradually grows tired of being treated like a doormat; Jake C. (Mason Versaw), the cutest boy in school; and mean girl Riley (Aparna Brielle), who initially befriends Erika just to enact girl code and prevent her from dating Jake.

And without spoiling too much, there’s a twist at the end of Episode 6 that will absolutely blow your mind… assuming you don’t figure it out first.

So, what did you think of Episode 1? Are you curious enough to follow Helen Erika to the edge of oblivion, or are you opting to ditch this show like a rotting moose corpse? Weigh in via our polls below, then drop a comment with more of your thoughts.

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