Animal Kingdom Preview: Pope Makes J's Dangerous Liaisons a Family Affair

Animal Kingdom’s J should know better. The surest way to clue in Uncle Pope to the fact that something is going on is to lie that nothing is. Yet that’s exactly what the youngest of the Codys does in the above sneak peek, an exclusive preview of Sunday’s episode of the TNT drama (9/8c).

Needless to say, it doesn’t go well for J.

After Pope spies his nephew talking to Penny more like she’s his secret lover than a rando legal secretary, Andrew points out the obvious drawback of hooking up with a woman who accessorizes with a wedding band. “If things go wrong, her husband could come after you,” he notes. “It could be trouble for the whole family.”

J, cool as the proverbial cucumber, claims that he’s got the situation under control. “He’s not gonna find out,” he insists. Naturally, Pope doubles down — with a look that says more than even his line of dialogue does. (You’ll understand when you watch.)

As you’ve no doubt heard, Animal Kingdom’s currently airing sixth season will be the series’ last. But we’ve got miles to go before the end — Sunday’s “Covet” is only the fifth of the 13 final episodes. Before all is said and done, we have to look forward to comebacks by Denis Leary (as Deran’s ne’er-do-well dad, Billy) and Yellowstone’s Jennifer Landon (as Pope’s lost love, Amy) as well as at least a glimpse of Grey’s Anatomy doc Scott Speedman as ill-fated Baz.

To check out the preview, press PLAY on the video above, then hit the comments. Is J’s fling really any riskier than the Codys’ other activities?

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