The Boys: Blondie Cheers Soldier Boy's 'Epic' Take on 'Rapture' — Watch Video

Boys Ackles Rapture

Soldier Boy’s performance of the 1981 hit “Rapture,” in this week’s episode of Prime Video’s The Boys was, well, super, to hear Blondie tell it.

Opening the fourth episode of Season 3, titled “Glorious Five Year Plan,” The Boys flashed us back to an episode of the very-1980s music program Solid Gold, where Jensen Ackles’ Soldier Boy — aka the OG, pre-Homelander supe — served up a not-awful cover of “Rapture,” which back in the day spent two weeks at No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100.

On Friday morning, mere hours after Episode 4’s (slightly tardy) release, the official Debbie Harry/Blondie Twitter account shared the video below, exclaiming “Holy sh*t!!” and declaring it to be no less than “Epic.”

How did The Boys boss Eric Kripke arrive at that choice of tune for Soldier Boy? And how much fun did Ackles have delivering that dad-like rap? Visit TVLine on Saturday for our full post mortem on this week’s Soldier Boy scenes.

In the meantime, revisit Blondie’s own “Rapture” music video, then weigh in below on Soldier Boy’s take.

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