Sistas Star Chris Warren Teases More Hayden Hatefulness in Season 4B

Tyler Perry's Sistas, Hayden and Fatima

When Chris Warren first started portraying Hayden Moss on Tyler Perry’s Sistas, the character was a lot like Zeke, the affable teen the actor played in Disney’s High School Musical movies.

But as time went on, Hayden became more and more sinister as he plotted against Zac and Fatima, aka “Zatima.” Warren, who says he is loving every minute of his character’s wickedness, adds that the attorney is going to get a lot worse when the hit BET drama returns for Season 4B on Wednesday, June 1 at 9/8c.

“It makes me really happy that Hayden is the most hated man on Sistas,” Warren reveals to TVLine. “That means I’m doing something right. In the beginning, it really wasn’t like that. Hayden was a flirty guy, and he and Fatima had a bit of a history, and they just worked together, and Hayden was going to help her out. I really didn’t see the turn to villain happening, but it happened very quickly, and I’m very happy about it. This is the first time I’ve gotten to play somebody that’s so grimy. It’s been really fun getting to play somebody like that and being hated by so many people. It’s just been nice.”

Warren, whose mother is famous soap star Brook Kerr, can’t spoil any plot twists when it comes to what Hayden has in store — but he promises it won’t be pretty.

Sistas, Fatima, Gary and Hayden“Hayden is going to take things to the next level,” Warren foreshadows. “If he was taking things far before, wait for him to take things much further. Hayden just wants to win at all costs. If that means he has to win against Fatima, or Zac or Robin, it doesn’t matter. It’s all about his ego. He’s got to win, no matter what.”

In that way, Hayden and Gary are a lot alike, Warren observes.

“Hayden is even more hated than Gary, but they both have a belief that they can’t lose,” the actor explains. “That’s why people hate them. They’re both very petty and built from the same ego-driven kind of stock. That’s what is so great about the way Tyler [Perry] writes these characters. At the end of the day, Hayden and Gary are hated for a reason.”

Fan hatred for Hayden is so strong, fans cheered for his perceived death at the end of Season 3, and one Twitter user even created a funeral program mocking his demise. It’s a level of vitriol that makes Warren proud.

Tyler Perry's Sistas, Hayden“It helps that I’ve never had a Twitter account,” Warren surmises with a chuckle. “I see the screenshots and the funny memes, but not being on Twitter helps. Honestly, because he’s so vile, I take it as a compliment because I make it hard to like him. If I’m doing my job correctly, that means you should really, really hate Hayden. I’m happy about it. I don’t have a mustache to twirl, so I work my eyebrows. Once I get in front of that camera as Hayden, all sorts of stuff starts happening. It is all a part of his affect, and it is part of what people hate about him. I make his face very punchable.”

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