Chicago Med Finale Recap: A Fiery End

Chicago Med Recap

Chicago Med‘s Season 7 finale could have used an assist from their pals over at Chicago Fire.

Wednesday’s episode ended with a fiery cliffhanger that left two doctors’ lives in jeopardy. Meanwhile, one couple called it quits, while another is facing a potential relationship rift. Let’s review the biggest moments from the season ender:

WILL/HANNAH | When a patient’s boyfriend reveals that he’s been wanting to break up with his girlfriend, who is planning to donate her kidney to him, Will and Hannah disagree on the course of action. Will doesn’t want to risk the life-saving surgery, while Hannah doesn’t want to con the girlfriend into giving up her kidney. The girlfriend still plans to go through with the transplant even after her boyfriend breaks up with her because it’s about saving his life. As for Will and Hannah, he suggests that they start over as new neighbors after having the world’s most twisted meet-cute. Then his apartment building catches fire, which brings us to…

DYLAN/JO | Jo is planning to leave town now that she’s been made, and she can’t contact anyone if there’s a dirty cop involved in her undercover investigation. But first, she gives Dylan the evidence she collected to hand over to his dad. Apparently, Jo is hiding out in Will’s building, because he interrupts a conversation between her and Dylan to announce that there’s a fire. Then one of the criminals from Jo’s case appears. He and Dylan struggle, during which Dylan shoots the other man, while an injured Jo flees. But before he and Will can get themselves and the wounded man to safety, flames trap them in the hallway. Where’s Chicago Fire when you need them?

CROCKETT/PAMELA | Crockett makes it clear to Avery that he wasn’t seeing both her and Pamela at the same time. Avery lets him off surprisingly easily, reassuring him that they didn’t have a thing and that she hasn’t seen her mom this happy in a while. She’ll regret those words a few minutes later when Crockett reveals that Pamela gave him power of attorney. He’s then forced to make a different choice than the one Avery wants when there’s a complication during Pamela’s surgery. She makes it through the operation, but it seems she suffered a stroke as a result of Crockett’s decision, and she’s not happy with Crockett about it.

CHARLES | The doc finally tells his daughter Anna that he’s dating his former therapist. She correctly remarks that it feels a little weird, but she’s OK with it. And yet, Charles doesn’t feel relieved, which makes him realize something. He tells his girlfriend that he’s having a difficult time adjusting to this phase of their relationship. When starts therapizing him, Charles says she knows too much about his crutches and breaks up with her.

Chicago Fire RecapAND THE REST… | Maggie sets up a heartfelt meeting between Vanessa and her biological father; Goodwin delivers her own grandbaby; Ethan and Dean attend a ceremony in honor of Ethan’s dad’s army service, where Ethan gives the flag to his father’s partner; and Dean is moved to reach out to his own child.

Chicago Med fans, what did you think of the season ender? Grade it below, then hit the comments!


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