Better Call Saul Midseason Finale Sneak Peek: Can Jimmy Keep His Scam From Falling Apart? — Watch Video

Jimmy and Kim’s hard work is about to bear fruit in Better Call Saul‘s midseason finale — but Jimmy just needs to make a few last-minute tweaks first.

TVLine has an exclusive sneak peek at Monday’s finale (AMC, 9/8c), with Jimmy frantically rushing around town to ensure that his and Kim’s plot to bring down Howard Hamlin remains undetected. We start out following a grocery store worker named Lenny, who is rehearsing a grand dramatic monologue as he returns grocery carts. Jimmy screeches up in his car and barks at him about a “reshoot,” offering him three hundred bucks for 90 minutes of his time. When Lenny hesitates, not wanting to ditch work, Jimmy ups the offer to $400 and volunteers to sue the store if they fire him.

Jimmy appeals to the guy’s inner thespian, encouraging him to take this opportunity to “use our craft and shine,” tossing in a few motivational mottos for good measure. In last week’s episode, Jimmy and Kim’s master plan — which we’re still not completely clear on — was threatened when Jimmy happened to bump into the mediator on the Sandpiper case and noticed his arm was in a cast. Lenny was playing the mediator in whatever fake scenario Jimmy dreamed up. Hence, the reshoots.

Will Jimmy and Kim’s scheme still go off as planned, though? Press PLAY above for a first look at Saul‘s midseason ender, and drop your finale predictions in a comment below. 

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