Love, Victor's Final Season Trailer Reveals Who Opened That Door — But Will a New Crush Complicate Things?

The cliffhanger that closed out Love, Victor‘s second season appears to be resolved in a new trailer for the Hulu rom-com’s upcoming final episodes.

Although the trailer (embedded above) doesn’t actually show the exact moment that Victor arrives at either Benji or Rahim’s front door, it seems Benji is the one Victor has decided to pursue, based on a conversation they’re having in the same attire they wore to Mia’s dad’s wedding in the sophomore finale.

“Are you sure nothing’s going on with you and Rahim?” Benji asks, to which Victor concedes, “There was something between us. I thought we were friends, and things got confused.” But before Benji and Victor can give their relationship another go, Benji decides he must “figure my problems out alone,” which seemingly sets the stage for Victor to develop a crush on new acquaintance Nick.

Elsewhere in the trailer, Felix and Lake awkwardly navigate their post-breakup status while dating new partners Pilar and Lucy, and Mia and Andrew are determined to keep their rekindled relationship afloat after high school.

Love, Victor‘s final season — spanning eight episodes — lands on both Hulu and Disney+ on Wednesday, June 15. Watch the trailer in full above, then hit the comments with your reactions!

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