The Flash Boss: Barry's Search for Iris Raises Some Big Questions, But Will Lead to 'Happily Ever After'

The Flash Iris Missing

It’s not easy being Iris West-Allen.

Central City’s intrepid journalist (played by Candice Patton) spent much of The Flash Season 6 trapped in a Mirrorverse. In Season 7, she got infected with a mysterious “time sickness.” She spent the early part of Season 8 worrying that hubby Barry was fated to facilitate, you know, Armageddon. And ever since then, her aforementioned time sickness has caused her to unwittingly make objects (and sometimes people, eep!) disappear.

Worse yet, at the close of the CW series’ May 11 episode, Iris herself once again vanished, leaving a Citizen staffer stymied by the boss lady’s suddenly empty office.

With Deon aka the Still Force similarly out of commission, what sort of obstacles stand before Barry as he and Team Flash struggle to locate Iris?

Flash Barry irisOnce Barry gets wind of his wife’s vanishing in this Wednesday’s episode, “There are three essential questions on his mind,” showrunner Eric Wallace, who also directed the hour, tells TVLine. “One, where is Iris within the Still Force? She’s obviously bopping around there, like [Tinya’s mother] Renee Wazzo, so we have to answer that.”

Question No. 2 is, “Why is this happening?” — followed by, “Where did this time sickness come from and who gave it to her for what reason?” says Wallace. “That is why, even though we’re in the middle of our interlude episodes [between Graphic Novel 2 and 3], this episode really is a prelude to the final Graphic Novel of the season, and the Season 8 finale.”

The light at the end of this latest, dark tunnel for WestAllen fans? “Of course Barry and Iris will come back together,” Wallace assures, “but how? And who will they be when they get back together?

“But here’s the great news,” the EP adds. “As you know very well, I believe in happy endings, so I can tell people right now: this time when they get together, they will be together for the foreseeable future, living happily ever after and all those good things.”

Flash Nora Joe

As the director of Barry’s imminent journey to find Iris — during which the speedster at one point seeks an assist from daughter Nora (Jessica Parker Kennedy) — Wallace says, “The biggest challenge was visualizing the look of the Still Force in a way that the audience hadn’t seen before. We had to up the ante here, especially in the outdoor sequences and when we went to CCC Media.” Wallace explains, “Barry’s world is literally being turned sideways, so I got the idea, ‘Hey, if thats what he’s going through emotionally, what would happen if we added this Dutch [camera angle] approach when we’re in the Still Force?'”

“Needles to say, the final look is wild,” Wallace enthuses. “We gave it a cool treatment, thank you to my incredible post[-production] department for their incredible talent with that. It’s going to be surprising but fun for the audience to see.”

Flash CaitlinElsewhere in this week’s episode, a bit more light is shed on Caitlin’s plan to get back her dearly departed sister, Frost. But, does she intent to literally make a human out of thin air? Or do something to herself?

“It’s a bit of both,” Wallace previews. “It all goes back to ‘Armageddon’ Part 5, and that wonderful scene between Danielle [Panabaker] and Tom Cavanagh. We saw that Caitlin has a much darker side, and is willing to cross lines that we thought she’d never be able to cross, when she says, ‘I wont kill you, Reverse-Flash, but I’ll let you die.’ That was a clue to the audience that this storyline was coming. She is about to go down some very dark territory, and there will be consequences.”

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