Chicago P.D. Recap: An Explosion Rocks Intelligence — Who Was Injured?

Chicago PD Jesse Lee Soffer Halstead

With just two episodes left in Season 9, this week’s Chicago P.D. delivered high-stakes tension as Intelligence closed in on Javier Escano’s operation.

Anna had been deep undercover for a while, and the assignment was starting to get to her, especially with Escano growing more paranoid by the day. Noting her concerns, Voight urged Anna to stay focused.

Anna kept her cool when Escano nearly caught her gathering evidence in the stash house. The drug kingpin still trusted her, though, and hadn’t suspected that she was working with the police. He then asked for Anna’s help with retrieving and delivering some cash along the highway — a new job for just the two of them.

Elsewhere, Upton and Halstead surveilled Mateo, one of Los Temidos’ newest recruits. He and several other recruits had planned to initiate an unsuspecting woman into the gang via drugging her and then recording the sexual assault on video — which Upton interrupted. Voight interrogated Mateo, who revealed that Escano ordered him to tape the act, meaning Escano also had a hand in Anna’s assault. Despite Upton’s insistence that Anna should know this, Voight decided to keep it from her until they finished their operation.

He then instructed Halstead to hold down the fort while he secretly met with Escano. Their tense conversation ultimately showed how deeply connected Escano was. Who else would bring up Voight’s prison time to his face like that?

Later on, Escano instructed Anna to help him search his car for trackers or anything the police might use against him. Anna found the tracker underneath the vehicle and showed it to him, all the while still recording with her secret wire. At least she still had his trust.

Voight called a secret meeting with Anna to see what she knew about Mateo, which was nothing. But her confidence was fading, and Voight assured her that she could do this. She would have a good life after this; she just needed to keep going.

When Anna finally learned of Voight’s deception, she confronted the sergeant about lying to her face. Voight maintained that he did it to protect her, but Anna didn’t care. Telling him to go to hell, she stormed off. Is that… genuine hurt on Voight’s face?

The team stayed on course, tracking Escano in his personal car. When Escano abruptly changed his plans without notifying Anna — he took the highway back to the suburbs with the money — Voight knew something was wrong. He tried to convince Anna to call off the job, telling her that they would catch him another day. But Anna was still upset with Voight for lying to her, and also extremely motivated to catch this guy. There was no way she was turning back now.

That prompted Voight to instruct the team to make their move. Ruzek, Halstead and Upton confronted Escano’s men at a different location, and gunfire erupted. The trio circled one suspect, who then set off a massive explosion. Halstead appeared to sustain mild injuries, but the same couldn’t be said for Upton. Glancing around, Halstead spotted his wife a few feet away laying unconscious on the ground. Is she going to be OK?

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