Survivor 42 Recap: The Do or Die Twist Returns — Whose Fate in the Game Was Determined Entirely by Chance?

Survivor Recap Episode 11

Perhaps this season of Survivor should’ve been named Ghost Island 2.

In Wednesday’s episode, yet another twist from last season reared its head, as Jeff announced that whoever opted to compete in this week’s immunity challenge may possibly face consequences from the Do or Die twist. While the idea of exiting the game by luck of the draw scared most of the players away from competing, two (and only two) decided to take fate into their own hands. Who played and who followed in the footsteps of Season 41’s Deshawn? More on that later.

The episode was full of shifting targets and major trust issues, and despite multiple advantages being flushed from the game, another idol was activated in their wake. It was a wild Tribal Council, so let’s get to it and recap “Battle Royale.”

Mike is pleased as pie that Hai has gone bye-bye. After commenting on the sound Hai’s decapitated head makes (wow, that’s dark, dude), Mike takes credit for orchestrating the entire blindside. (Don’t worry, Omar. We see you.) While Mike may be delusional as hell, I guess we’ll let him celebrate a bit.

After Maryanne shares that she loses her pinky toenail two or three times a year (OK… what?!), she and Romeo speculate that the big threats are going to go after each other. The other five seem to agree to link up, but it turns out to be a ploy to make Drea feel comfortable so they can boot her. Omar says that Mike is becoming the new Hai, and doing the very same things they just voted Hai out for. Will Mike’s cockiness lead to his downfall or should Drea feel in danger?

Jonathan’s feeling good about his game, but the hunger is getting to him, which causes him to cop an attitude with Drea. As a (self-proclaimed) provider, he feels like he does enough for the tribe, and very much dislikes it when Drea asks him to help untangle a fishing net. Lindsay and Drea both note that he’s starting to unravel. Lindsay especially is over how he talks to her, constantly dictating what to do and telling her she’s wrong.

Survivor Recap Episode 11IMMUNITY IS BACK UP FOR GRABS | For the challenge, players must stand on a narrow perch holding a bar behind their head. Like last season, the first person to fall out of the challenge must play a “dangerous” game of chance at Tribal. (Deshawn was forced to play the game last time, and won safety as a result. Will someone else be just as lucky tonight?) Prosbt asks for their decisions, and Jonathan and Lindsay are the only players who opt to compete.

Just 10 minutes later, both challengers appear to be in heaps of pain, but Lindsay drops first, giving Jonathan immunity and putting her fate in the hands of the mighty Survivor gods.

CAMP | Lindsay knows she took a $1 million gamble, and she’s already regretting letting her competitive spirit take over. But she’s proud of herself for fighting, despite the crushing blow that her game could very well be over.

Drea knows that if Lindsay goes home, her amulet becomes an idol. But everyone else knows that if Drea makes it to the Final 3, she’s no doubt going to win the game. Drea’s gut kicks in, and even though people keep telling her they’re voting for Romeo, she doesn’t trust them… especially Mike. And she plans on using her Knowledge Is Power advantage to steal his idol. She then employs Omar to help her get Mike out, someone he’s also been wanting to cut. It seems like perfect timing to take a shot at the retired firefighter… but it’s all going to come down to Lindsay and the Do or Die twist.

Survivor Recap Episode 11TRIBAL COUNCIL | Lindsay tells Jeff that she made a poor choice in opting to play, but Mike tells her it was “a warrior thing,” to do, and that he respects her. Omar says that paranoia is at an all-time high, while Drea lets Jeff and the group know that she’s been watching them. She’s been observing who’s been talking together, and who’s been hanging out at the water well. She may be digging herself a grave here, that is, if there even is a vote tonight.

Jeff pulls out the three Do or Die boxes, and explains that Lindsay needs to choose the box with the flame on it in order to survive the night. If she draws a skull, she’s out and joins the jury. She picks the second box. Jeff opens one of the other boxes. It’s a skull. He then offers her the option to swap, but she sticks with her gut. Jeff opens her box and it’s a flame! She’s still in the game and wins safety from the vote.

Drea pulls out her Knowledge Is Power advantage and reads the rules to everyone. She asks Mike if he has an idol, but he doesn’t! We then see via flashback that Omar told him Drea’s plan, so Mike forked over his idol and let Omar hang on to it. With that, it’s time to vote, and when Jeff reads the results, the axe falls on Drea.

On her way out, Drea tells Lindsay she’s rooting for her. She tells Jonathan that he was never on her radar. She tells Mike that if he makes it to the end, he’ll probably win. (Which possibly paints a target on his back, but he’s all smiles when he learns she placed two votes on his name.) She also lets everyone know that Omar was the only person she told that secret to. It’s a vote-off like no other, one that’s filled with respect and appreciation for the game. And Jeff even lets her say his harsh final words: “The tribe has spoken.” (Read our Q&A with Drea here.)

Now it’s your turn! Thoughts on the return of the Do or Die twist? Was Drea your pick to win it all? Let us know by dropping some comments!

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