South Park: The Streaming Wars Set as Next Paramount+ Special — First Look

The town of South Park is going to war next month, and we apparently have Cartman and his mom to thank for it.

Paramount+ has announced South Park: The Streaming Wars as the franchise’s next exclusive event, set to premiere on Wednesday, June 1.

In the special, “Cartman locks horns with his mom in a battle of wills, while an epic conflict unfolds and threatens South Park’s very existence,” according to the official logline.

This marks South Park‘s third special for Paramount+, following Post Covid and Post Covid: The Return of Covid, both of which debuted in 2021. Per Trey Parker and Matt Stone’s $900 million deal with ViacomCBS, 11 more specials will be produced exclusively for Paramount+. The fourth special (details TBD) is expected to debut later this summer.

South Park returned to Comedy Central earlier this year for its milestone 25th season, airing six new episodes between February and March. The show has already been renewed through Season 30, but a timeline for when those seasons will air has not been announced.

Hit PLAY on the video above for a taste of what The Streaming Wars has in store, then drop a comment with your thoughts on South Park‘s Paramount+ specials below.