Riverdale Sneak Peek: Are 'Bughead' and 'Varchie' About to Reunite?

If you’re a fan of Riverdale‘s classic couples, this week might be the week you’ve been waiting for.

In a sneak peek at this Sunday’s episode (The CW, 8/7c) — which you can watch above — it looks like exes Betty and Jughead (aka “Bughead”) are spending some quality time together for the first time in a long time. “Will you read my mind?” Betty asks her newly psychic pal, and the two hold hands as Jughead attempts to connect to her thoughts and help her uncover repressed memories from her childhood. (We all know he doesn’t have to actually hold hands with her to do that, though, right?)

It also looks like the “Bughead” Detective Agency is back in business, as the two sleuths confront Betty’s mom Alice: “What are you hiding about Dad?” We do see Archie and Betty getting up close and personal while lying on the floor surrounded by candles… but then Archie shares a kiss with his ex Veronica! Could “Varchie” be making a comeback, too?

Elsewhere in this week’s episode, titled “Venomous”: “With palladium acting as his personal kryptonite, Archie decides he must build up his tolerance if he’s going to stand a chance against Percival,” “Veronica deals with a bombshell discovery that affects how she interacts with people around her,” and “Cheryl debates whether she should reach out to a former childhood crush,” per the official description.

Press PLAY above to get a sneak peek at this week’s Riverdale, and then hit the comments to tell us what clues you’ve uncovered.