9-1-1 Exposes the Truth About Jonah — So Why Is Buck Mad at [Spoiler]?

9-1-1 Jonah

Hen and Chimney caught a serious case of the “Monday” in this week’s 9-1-1.

Following Claudette’s seemingly avoidable death last week, Hen followed up on her suspicions about Jonah, enlisting Chimney as her partner in crime. Together, they deduced that Jonah has a pattern of pushing otherwise stable patients to the brink of death just to save them and bask in the fully undeserved glory.

Like so many villains, Jonah’s origin story began innocently enough. As a child, he kept his bus driver alive after suffering a heart attack on the road, elevating the little guy to hero status overnight. But that adulation grew into an addiction, one that grown-up Jonah will apparently do anything to replicate.

Before going to Bobby with their concerns, Hen and Chimney turned to Taylor for help. Thanks to some incredibly convenient and specific footage of Jonah injecting Claudette with a drug to stop her heart, the sleuths felt confident reporting the shady paramedic.

Then again, “shady” really isn’t a strong-enough word — certainly not strong enough to describe someone who kidnapped Hen and Chimney, then made Hen watch helplessly as he stopped Chimney’s heart and brought him back to life. Multiple times. (“It’s like being God!” he exclaimed.)

Fortunately, Hen was able to distract the handsome lunatic long enough for a barely conscious Chimney to free himself and take Jonah out from behind. And thanks to Karen, who called Maddie and filled her in on the whole situation, the authorities were already on their way. (“You’re a lucky woman to have a wife like that,” indeed.)

Unfortunately, the episode didn’t have a happy ending for everyone. And I’m not just talking about Jonah.

After watching Taylor’s on-the-scene report from Jonah’s arrest, a mean-looking Buck called his girlfriend with a chilling question: “Taylor, what did you do?”

So, uh, what did she do? Drop a comment with your thoughts on that ominous phone call below.

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