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Bosch: Legacy's Titus Welliver: 'Be Very Worried' for Harry's Fabulous House

Bosch House Earthquake

Damn. Bosch: Legacy isn’t playing around.

As the Freevee (fka IMDb TV) follow-up to Prime Video’s Bosch series got underway on Friday (in the first of four premiere episodes), Harry’s world was shaken, literally, by one of L.A.’s middle-of-the-night earthquakes.

Afterward, Harry slipped outside with flashlight in hand to take a look-see and grit his teeth over some cracks in his fabulous hilltop home’s underside stilts. His worst fears were then confirmed the following day, when upon returning home he found a city employee hitting his house with a “red tag” — meaning it’s been deemed not safe for occupancy in the present state.

Harry stayed put for a day or so, but by the end of that first episode, Maddie was packing up some of her dad’s things, ahead of him relocating to temporary digs.

Should longtime fans of Bosch’s house and its spectacular views be afraid that he might not ever kick back to some hard bops inside it? Or, worse, that the next ‘quake might send it toppling?

“Be worried,” series star Titus Welliver told TVLine. “Be very worried.”

Diving deeper into the residential shake-up, Welliver said, “I think the idea is to sort of ‘separate Harry from his perch,’ and disorient him. But it was very much a big part of a discussion, and it’s by design.

“So, yes, the fans should kind of look at it, observe it and be concerned,” he continued, “and then, ultimately, kind of figure that as with all things we do, we paint Harry into a corner and then give him a brush to paint his way out.”

Interestingly, in 1992’s The Black Echo — Michael Connelly’s first Harry Bosch novel — the LAPD detective’s home is described as “a wood-framed, one-bedroom cantilever… supported by three steel pylons at its mid-point. It was a scary place to be during earthquakes, daring Mother Nature to twang those beams and send the house down the hill like a sled. But the view was the tradeoff.”

To be sure, Welliver has not grown tired of said view, overlooking the Hollywood Hills.

“I mean, I really miss being up there” filming scenes, he said. “I really do.”

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