Legacies Recap: Who Said Goodbye? Who Dropped the L-Bomb? And Whose Days Are Seriously Numbered?

Legacies Recap

Just when I thought I finally understood the inner workings of Legacies‘ Underworld, Hope decided to go and change the rules. Typical Mikaelson.

After bringing Landon up to speed (“Whoa, wait, there are gods now?!”) atop Thursday’s episode, Hope laid out her plan to kill the Ferryman, something Landon was big-time against. “People come to Limbo to learn lessons, not to repeat the same mistake,” he told her, conveniently forgetting that repeating mistakes is Hope’s family’s favorite pastime. Cut to Hope killing the Ferryman with his own scythe. Real cold.

The next phase of Hope’s plan involved tricking the Necromancer — who’s super broken up about his beloved Seylah being sent to Peace — into sending Landon back to the surface. And that’s just what he did, thinking that he was separating Hope and Landon forever, unaware that she wasn’t actually dead.

It wasn’t long before the Ferryman returned (he is literally Death, after all), and his first order of business was pulling Landon back down to Limbo. Landon tried to explain to Hope that he figured out the lesson she was meant to learn, but she wasn’t hearing it. She was determined to get them both home, and she knew that whatever Landon had to say would be in direct opposition of that.

Sadly, she was right. In a nutshell, her friends are about to fight a god and they don’t stand a chance without her. She has always lived her life thinking of herself as someone fated to die, but she needs to accept her true fate — as the one who lives. And that meant returning to the Salvatore School without Landon.

Honestly, we’ve seen Hope and Landon say goodbye about a million times at this point, but this one really got me. “I will always love you,” she told him over some swelling soft rock. “I will never forget you.” (Stab me in the heart with a scythe fragment, why don’t you!)

Granted, Landon’s got his own problems to deal with in Limbo. The jinni apparently adjusted the terms of their contract, and he now controls Landon’s soul “in perpetuity.” (Is that even legal? Do any lawyers watch Legacies? Feel free to hash this one out in the comments.)

Also worth discussing…

* There’s something wonderfully silly about the simplicity of Ken’s reason for wanting Hope dead. As he explained to Aurora in an attempt to forge an alliance: “I am the most powerful being in existence. So imagine my surprise when I was awoken and heard there was a girl carrying that same title. I must crush her and prove otherwise. Such is the way of gods.” Honestly, party. But Aurora wasn’t so easily swayed to Ken’s side, even if she enjoyed the eyeful he gave her during their chat in the field of flowers that he literally manifested because god powers. It wasn’t until they bonded as people who have both been forced into centuries-long slumbers by those they love (a very specific trauma!) that she began to see his side. And after hearing his side of the story, that of a father who merely wanted to save his family from Malivore, she was sold. That whole “seal it with a kiss” thing didn’t hurt, either.

* More thoughts on the above: Can we take a moment to applaud Aurora’s storyline this season? I never expected the franchise to revisit this character, but I was thrilled when she returned for what I assumed would be a few episodes. We’re now on our eighth hour with Aurora, and I couldn’t be happier with the way her story has played out. I relished her as a vengeful villain, I fell in love with her during her time with Lizzie, and now I’m fully invested in… whatever she’s got going on with Ken. Does it help that Rebecca Breeds is real-life married to Luke Mitchell? Sure. Either way, I am absolutely buying what they’re selling.

* Despite harboring a boatload of complicated feelings, MG reluctantly accepted Lizzie’s offer to help him solve Ethan’s power problem. After his incident last week, the part-pukwudgie is literally teleporting himself out of his sneakers. And his shirt. (No complaints on that second one, with all due respect to the severity of Ethan’s conundrum.) Lizzie spent most of the day trying to figure out what she did wrong, never once guessing that MG was upset that she turned to Ethan in her time of need instead of to him. “It’s the opposite of nothing, it’s everything. That’s what you are to me,” he said. “It has and always will be you, Lizzie Saltzman. I love you.” Unfortunately, this obvious OTP was robbed of the perfect kiss by a startling discovery. Per Lizzie’s scientific endeavors, she determined that pukwudgies only live as long as their finite powers last, and they die faster the more they teleport. (At this point, my prediction that Ethan will die this season has been upgraded to an inevitability.)

* Patricide has always been a fixture of the Vampire Diaries Universe, so why should Ben miss out on all the fun? “I’d like to help you kill my father,” he told Alaric from the comfort of his dungeon, explaining that only a god can kill another god. But his plan to let Lizzie siphon his magic into the ultimate weapon would likely come at the cost of his own life, something Alaric wasn’t willing to risk. (Side note: Wasn’t it kind of adorable when Alaric noted that Ben has “got it bad” for Jed? The answer is yes.) Alaric eventually settled on: “Odds are you’re still going to die, but if you want to get back at your father and atone, stay alive. And use your power to fight with us.” It was… quite a pep talk.

Your thoughts on this week’s Legacies? Predictions for the remaining three episodes of the season (but hopefully not the series!)? Drop ’em in a comment below.

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