Superman & Lois Just Gave Us A Moment We've All Been Waiting For

Superman & Lois Recap

Tuesday’s episode of Superman & Lois ended with the dramatic reveal that viewers have been anticipating since Day 1: Clark’s bestie, Lana Lang Cushing, is finally in on his little secret.

Clark’s decision to reveal himself — one that had the full support of his family — came after Lana-Rho arrived through the portal in Smallville. Even though John Henry and Natalie were able to send her back to Bizarro World, Clark knows that she won’t stop trying to merge with Lana, putting her in significant danger.

And the long-awaited reveal was certainly given its due. From the sweeping music to the dramatic cinematography, it was a moment. Clark making ice crystals in the trees overhead was also a nice touch. 10/10 for ambience.

Superman & Lois LanaWhen TVLine spoke with Emmanuelle Chriqui earlier this year, she agreed that Lana learning Clark’s secret seemed “inevitable,” adding that “it would feel like a betrayal, because this is her oldest and closest friend.” But Chriqui also acknowledged that it would fill in some very important blanks for her character, who might think, “Gee, that makes sense after all the weird s—t that’s happened over the course of our lifetime.”

But how will Lana handle this revelation? Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait until Superman & Lois returns in a few weeks to find out. (Come to think of it, they probably don’t have any hiatuses in Bizarro World. Anyone have a portal handy?)

Also worth discussing…

* Since text messages weren’t getting him anywhere, Jordan took Lois’ advice, writing down his thoughts about Sarah with pen and paper. It’s a shame she didn’t want to read it, too, considering it contained a whole-ass confession about his big family secret. Maybe one member of the Cushing family having their mind blown is enough for one week.

* With all of the in-fighting, especially between Jonathan and Clark, the Kent Farm is beginning to feel like a house divided — even if Jordan suggests that they were never that close to begin with. The fighting feels a little too similar to the tensions we witnessed between Jon-El and his father in Bizarro World, raising additional concerns about Jonathan’s own moral compass moving forward.

* This is neither here nor there, but Lana casually asking Superman if he wanted to come inside was a baller move. I’m trying not to ‘ship them, but they’re making it very difficult.

Your thoughts on this week’s episode, including that long-awaited moment of discovery for Lana? Drop ’em in a comment below.

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