The Flash Finale Features a Surprise Cameo (And It's Not Who You Think)

Flash Finale Surprise Return

The Flash‘s season finale is still quite a ways away, but here’s something to get speculating about over the next eight weeks.

When TVLine spoke this week with Danielle Nicolet, who plays metahuman legal eagle Cecile on The CW’s longest-running Arrowverse series, we of course asked what she could tease about the Season 8 finale (airing Wednesday, June 29).

Well, Nicolet could barely hold back her excitement about one particular aspect.

“Oh my god, it’s so huge,” she said of the season finale, “and you’re going to see a face that you are going to be so surprised to see. So surprised.”

Now before anyone who obsesses about such things get to rattling off the names of the three familiar faces who were snapped by the Vancouver paps filming the finale this week — beware possible spoilers in the Comments section! — I am told that Nicolet was not referring to any of those returns.

In fact, Nicolet made a point to tell Flash fans, “Anybody that you’re thinking it might be, nope! It’s not at all who you think it is. Everyone is going to be screaming, they’ll be so excited to see this person.”

Ready, set, speculate! (What’s Ezra Miller up to these days…?)

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