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The Flash: Robbie Amell Teases Deathstorm's Shocking Next Move, as a Major [Spoiler] Looms....

Flash Character Dies 8x13

The following contains spoilers from the April 27 episode of The CW’s The Flash.

This week on The Flash, Barry & Co. learned a lot more about who/what Deathstorm is — as well as his specific designs on one Caitlin Snow.

After revealing his true, Not!Ronnie identity to Caitlin, Deathstorm declared himself “complete, thanks to you — and now I’ll return the favor!” He then grabbed her and began some sort of harrowing process, but The Flash sped onto the scene and interrupted. Undeterred, Deathstorm made clear he would return to finish what he started with Caitlin.

Later, when Chester jerry-rigged a neuro-cerebro-somethingoranother that allowed empathic Cecile to be a conduit for Deathstorm, the evil entity made clear, “There is only one way that all of you survive” — by surrendering Caitlin to him, lest he just up and take her from them!

Then, as icing on the cake, Deathstorm at episode’s end abducted Caitlin and brought her to a town carnival (date night!), where he made clear that he had no intention of killing her. Rather, “I travelled across the stars so that you could end my loneliness,” he creepily shared. “Because tonight, you become my bride.”

OK, maybe not tonight per se, since Flash raced to the scene to find Caitlin alone, though quite shaken. She then explained that she had been deemed “not ready” by her would-be cold fusion fiancé.

Is there any talking Deathstorm down from his not-entirely-romantic bride-and-groom agenda?

“I mean, he’s not really the type that can be bargained with,” laughs Danielle Nicolet, whose Cecile this week “channeled” Deathstorm. “He’s possessing me, he’s haunting everyone else, he’s super, super powerful… There’s not going to be a lot of negotiating.”

Instead, “It’s going to be a matter of figuring out how to beat him — and that is no easy measure,” says Nicolet. “Once we discover what he actually is, we realize that beating him will be harder than anyone we’ve had to beat before.”

And to be sure, Deathstorm will not go down without a lot of swinging. Things will get worse before they get better. In fact, TVLine can confirm that as Team Flash does its very best to waylay the grief-eating entity’s grand plan, a major character will die in the May 4 episode, as this three-part arc reaches its finale. (Ergo the May 11 episode’s ominous title, “Funeral for a Friend.”)

As Robbie Amell, who plays/voices Deathstorm, told TVLine, “It’s really fun to be the bad guy and put Team Flash through a bit of a wringer,” versus play regular ol’ Ronnie. “And it was really cool to get to” do what Deathstorm does in Episode 13, he teased. “It was kind of a big bonus for me, in getting to come back!”

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