Superman & Lois Go Full Bizarro in the Show's Most Twisted Episode Yet

Superman & Lois Recap

What if Clark and Jonathan were enemies? What if Lana and Tal-Rho were married? And what if Jordan had to get up early every morning just to flat-iron his hair?

These were just a few of the questions explored in Tuesday’s episode of Siol & Namrepus, which finally took viewers on an unforgettable trip to Bizarro World.

In this world, it’s Jonathan — not Jordan — who inherited his father’s superpowers, but as his personal star began to rise, so too did tensions between Jonathan and his parents, who didn’t appreciate him playing superhero (but don’t call him Superboy!) without his father’s supervision. This led Jonathan to become a devoted follower of Ally Allston, who encouraged him to embrace his full potential, parents be damned.

Unfortunately, Clark didn’t know about any of this when he arrived in Bizarro World, putting him at a significant disadvantage.

He also didn’t know that Ally’s list of followers included Bizarro Tal-Rho and his super-powered wife Lana-Rho (!), so imagine his surprise when the whole bunch showed up at the Kent Farm looking to fight. More specifically, they were there to retrieve the pendants that Anderson brought from his home world, but we all knew that wasn’t going to happen without a fight. And a big one at that.

The fallout actually lead to a surprisingly nice moment between Superman and Anderson, the latter of whom apologized for everything he’s done. Anderson finally put the pieces of his secret identity together, realizing that everything he did was to protect his family. So while they couldn’t stop Ally from merging, Anderson was at least able to send Superman back through the portal.

This brings us up to speed with the previous episode, as Bizarro Jonathan arrived at the home-world Kent Farm to merge with his less agro self.

Did you enjoy your trip to Bizarro World? Drop a comment with your thoughts on the episode below.

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