Should Chicago P.D.'s Atwater and Celeste Reconcile? — Cast Your Vote

Chicago PD

For those who’ve been wondering where Celeste and Atwater currently stand, this week’s episode of Chicago P.D. gave a much-needed update.

Wednesday’s episode, titled “Fool’s Gold,” found Atwater (played by LaRoyce Hawkins) leading the investigation of a murder in an affluent neighborhood. Atwater connected with the victim’s wife, who’d been on the run from an abusive ex since she was a teenager — having to switch her identity multiple times and lie to friends and loved ones in the process. The case prompted Atwater to think about his own lies to Celeste, the woman he’d been dating before their emotional break up in Episode 11.

Atwater first met Celeste (Amanda Payton) in a bar in Episode 5, and their harmless flirting turned into a passionate night together. The next morning, Atwater learned that Celeste was a social activist who was very critical of the police, and he chose to hide his real job from her.

Despite this deception, Atwater and Celeste bonded over their shared experience with racism. But when he finally came clean, Celeste was more upset that he lied to her, than his status as a cop.  She insisted that him being a police officer wouldn’t have mattered because she cared about him, which Atwater didn’t believe to be true.

The pair hadn’t spoken since, even after the numerous message Atwater left in Celeste’s inbox. By the end of the April 20 episode, he’d finally had enough. Issuing one last heartfelt apology, he resolved to never bother her again.

Whether that finally gets through to Celeste remains to be seen.

Given what’s happened between them, do you think Atwater and Celeste should get back together? Cast your vote below and let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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