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9-1-1's Arielle Kebbel on Lucy's Lucky Break, the Buck 'Situation' and More

9-1-1 Arielle Kebbel

9-1-1 peeled back another layer of its newest recruit on Monday, reinforcing that she’s much more than just a romantic obstacle for Buck.

“I made a joke during that first episode when someone referred to me as the new love interest. Like, ‘Why do I have to be a love interest? Why can’t I be a firefighter first?'” Arielle Kebbel tells TVLine. “I think the writers have done a great job of showcasing who Lucy is as a firefighter first, which is very important. All the fun, romantic drama is secondary.”

Lucy kicked off this week’s eye-opening hour by saving a woman who fell off a balcony while having sex with her husband. (Because 9-1-1.) The one-in-a-million catch was caught on video, which went mega-viral and turned Lucy into an overnight celebrity. But unlike the 118’s Speed reenactment a few weeks ago, Lucy wasn’t comfortable getting the glory this time around — because she didn’t think dumb luck deserved to be celebrated.

Buck, who’s still awkward around Lucy after their kiss (more on that later), told her to accept it as a lucky break and move on. In their line of work, you have to take the wins when you can. That didn’t quite put Lucy’s mind at ease, but she began to come around after learning that the woman she saved was a surgeon who likely saved many other people as a result of surviving the fall.

Learning about what makes Lucy tick is exciting for Kebbel, who’s been enamored with her new character from the jump. “When I first read the script and the introduction to Lucy, I really was flipping each page with excitement,” she says. “Like, oh, she’s a badass? Oh, she’s funny? Oh, she has a rescue? This is very exciting!”

One challenge of playing a firefighter, however, is Kebbel’s “deep fear” of — wait for it — fire. She was forced to directly face that fear while filming an upcoming episode involving a fire-related emergency, which turned out to be a “very intimate and emotional” experience for her.

“When I first told my family [about the fire episode], their response was: ‘How do you feel about this?'” Kebbel recalls. “But the truth is, I felt ready. I felt excited and scared and ready. And that continues to be how I feel. I was really scared on the first day of that fire episode. I think I was shaking after the first take. But there was a piece of me that wanted that. When you know that the only way through is through, you just have to face it.”

Speaking of jumping right into things, Lucy and Buck’s infamous lip-lock was filmed on Kebbel’s first day of shooting. “But in a weird way,” she says, “the fact that the kiss happened on Day 1 actually worked. There were those heightened emotions and nerves, like you get on the first day of school. I definitely woke up that that morning like ‘Oh boy, here we go!’ But once we wrapped, I realized that it worked out really well.”

Let’s be real, though — we’re all looking forward to the day that Lucy and Taylor finally meet, especially after Buck refused to help his girlfriend score an interview with his new co-worker this week.

“I mean, listen, the writers know what they’re doing,” Kebbel says. “They’re very smart, and I think the real question is not if Taylor and Lucy will meet — it’s about what Buck will do when that happens.”

Also worth discussing…

* Haunted by nightmares and overcome with hopelessness, Eddie sought new ways to heal this week, ultimately finding success in equine therapy. More specifically, Buck tracked down the little boy Eddie saved before he was shot, got a hold of the kid’s equine therapy schedule, and surprised Eddie to remind him why their job is worth doing.

* Jee-Yun ended up in the emergency room, with Maddie immediately blaming her own family history of leukemia on their daughter being sick. Fortunately, the doctors were able to correct the baby’s intestinal blockage without surgery. In fact, Maddie acting on her instinct to bring Jee-Yun to the doctor is what saved her in the end. And if anyone needed a win this week, it was Maddie.

Your thoughts on the Lucy/Buck/Taylor situation? Eddie’s road to recovery? Maddie and Chimney’s latest scare? Whatever’s on your mind, drop it in a comment below.

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