SNL Video: Lizzo Brings Boss Attitude to Quiz Show, Takes Over as 'Mayor'

It turns out that not only is Lizzo 100 percent That Bitch, she’s also 100 percent That Sketch Comedian.

Doing double duty on this week’s Saturday Night Live as both musical guest and host, the hip-hop artist proved herself more than capable of handling everything that’s thrown at her.

SNL appears to have made the slot following the first break practically a permanent game show segment, which is dull, but they must be thinking that if it worked for Weekend Update…

Kenan Thompson this time around hosts “Guess That,” a quizzer with Tracy, Nicole, and Kenny (played by Ego Nwodim, Lizzo and Chris Redd) as contestants. Where most sketches of this kind have wild or pointed questions to get laughs, this one rests entirely on Lizzo’s Nicole, who brings it all tumbling down with her willfulness.

After getting a question mostly wrong, then watching Kenny swoop in to pick up the points, Nicole starts grilling the host. “Mmm, I gave him half the answer, I should get half the money,” she says. And it devolves from there.

“I don’t wanna play no mo’,” she deadpans when Clint (the host, whose last name is Litoris – maybe not the subtlest gag in the world) refuses to give her points. She then accuses him of gaslighting her and, before too long, the other contestants have taken Nicole’s side and completely derail the show. They also quite possibly wear out the batteries on the handheld buzzers, which they each start to use just to blurt out anything.

Like the Lizzo we all know from her music and public appearances, Nicole believes in herself and it more than willing to throw a wrench into the gears of the machine when she feels she’s been wronged. It’s a kind of chaos that could be insufferable, but Lizzo oozes charm and charisma out of every pore and, when she gives Clint the side eye, you just can’t be mad at her.

Watch the full clip by pressing PLAY above, then grade Lizzo’s outing.

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