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New Amsterdam Spoilers

What will Ghosts scare up for its first finale? Is New Amsterdam now booking Monday appointments? Hot times ahead for NCIS: Hawai’i duo? Read on for answers to those questions plus teases from other shows. (You can and should email any brand-new Qs to InsideLine@tvline.com.)

I’m so sad Ghosts‘ season is almost over! Any final scoops? –Meg
Thus far we know the finale to involve Sam and Jay awaiting their first official B&B guests, a Norse curse cast by Thorfinn, and Isaac taking a huge step in his personal life. What else could there be? Asher Grodman, who plays Trevor, gave us this cryptic teaser about the April 21 season finale: “A rivalry will come down to an epic showdown.”

Can you tell us if we’re still getting 22 episodes of New Amsterdam this season? –@MsButtercluck
As a matter of fact, yes! Though, as you noted on Twitter, the “season finale on May 24” math doesn’t seem to add up, TVLine has learned that there will be a special Monday airing of the medical drama, on May 9.

Chesapeake ShoresCurious if the final season of Chesapeake Shores will start where Season 5 ended, or will there be a time jump? –Jen
I got your Q to showrunner Phoef Sutton, who happily wrote back that Season 6 of the Hallmark charmer (premiering this summer) “will begin where Season 5 left off. Indeed, the first episode picks up that same night and a lot of questions will be answered — including finding out who Abby called.”

Big fan of Dylan McDermott joining FBI: Most Wanted. Anything else on Agent Remy Scott? –Del
Showrunner David Hudgins hinted that the tragic tale of kid brother Mikey perhaps hasn’t been fully told. “I don’t want to give away any spoilers, but I will say that… there’s more to that story that informs Remy,” and some of it will roll out in McDermott’s third episode, which guest-stars Catherine Wolf (City on a Hill) and Rebecca Brooksher (Happyish) as Remy’s mother Betsy and sister Claire. “It will reach a crescendo by [Episode] 22, which is our season finale.”

Will Danielle Panabaker’s pregnancy prevent her from appearing in the last couple of episodes of The Flash Season 8? –Carolina
Actually, I am hearing that as of right now, Panabaker — who recently directed Episode 17 (of 20) — is on track to appear through to the June 29 season finale.

NCIS HawaiiWould love some scoop on NCIS: Hawai’i! Perhaps some news on the “Kacy” front to help us get through hiatus?? –Stefanie
I am hearing that the last three episodes of the season really lean into the Kate/Lucy storyline, as the exes will be forced to face their feelings for each other — as well as face the risk of losing each other. By all accounts, one sequence in particular in the May 23 finale will have ‘shippers talking….

Are there any plans for a #OneChicago crossover this season, or at least some smaller cameos? –Ingmar
I mean, you’d think that the P.D. would show up for tonight’s Chicago Fire, which involves a Firehouse 51 member being taken hostage and is “a giant [Boden] episode,” co-showrunner Derek Haas told TVLine. “It’s a real showcase and very exciting.” Adds Eamonn Walker, who plays Boden: “When Derek called me [about] Episode 18, I got really, really excited when we were speaking on the phone, and I know that the audience will love it too. It ticks a lot of boxes.”

Legacies Season 4How many episodes is Legacies this season? If the finale is on May 26, is the season longer than the usual 16 episodes? –Adam
The short answer is that Legacies will air 20 episodes this season… keeping in mind that the first four episodes of Season 4 were held over from Season 3 (thanks to some wonky production scheduling). So even though the May 26 finale is the 20th episode of the season, it’s technically 4×16.

Anything you can find out about why Paramount+ pulled Australian Survivor with no warning, and if there is any hope it will return, would be greatly appreciated. –LadyFantasyFan
Sources tell me that “rights issues” led to the streamer’s abrupt snuffing of the series, and here’s no telling just yet if it will be back.

Do you have scoop on what year Tom Swift takes place? –Marie
I cannot give you a specific year but the CW spinoff (which premieres Tuesday, May 31) is set ahead of its sire, Nancy Drew.

Magnum DreamOn Magnum P.I., we’re seeing a good amount of movement on Juliet’s end (her shrink visit, the dream, her conversation with Rick in the car). Will we get more insight into how Magnum’s feelings are progressing post-Lia? –Samantha
“Yeah, that’s kind of where it’s heading,” series lead Jay Hernandez told me what I delivered your Q. “We’ve been exploring how Juliet, how Higgins, has been feeling about it, and now you’re going see a bit more of Magnum’s take on the whole thing.”

What are the chances of a Season 2 renewal for Shining Vale? –Ryan
Without spoiling too much, we can at least say you’ll probably want a second season, especially after taking in the last five minutes of Sunday’s finale.

Halo MakeeWhat can Halo fans expect from Master Chief meeting Makee? –Lawrence
For one, you should expect the first face-off between the mighty Spartan and the Sangheili shipmistress “about midway” through the nine-episode season, Pablo Schreiber told me. And how might that introduction go….? “Well,” Master Chef’s portrayer noted, “she’s hellbent on his eradication and she’s a Covenant sympathizer, so it can’t possibly go well, can it!”

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