9-1-1 Pushes Eddie to His Breaking Point

911 Recap Eddie PTSD

We need to talk about 9-1-1‘s Eddie Diaz. We’ve always known about the vulnerability lurking beneath his handsome war hero exterior, but we’ve never seen it break through like we did in the final moments of Monday’s episode.

After his therapist pointed out that Eddie handles everyone else’s pain without adequately facing his own, the former firefighter reached out to some of the people he served with… only to discover that they’re all dead, even the ones he personally saved.

This broke him, sending him into a violent spiral. Terrified, Christopher called Buck, who immediately rushed over to check on his Buddie. Sobbing on the floor of his destroyed bedroom, Eddie poured his heart out: “They’re all dead! Everybody that I saved, they’re all dead. … I pulled them out, but I didn’t save them. I’m afraid.”

When Buck asked Eddie what he’s afraid of, he tearfully replied, “That I’m never going to feel normal again.”

Other emergencies worth responding to…

* Maddie and Chimney have decided to co-parent baby Jee-Yun without formally getting back together as a couple. As Maddie explained to Buck, “We grew apart, or we grew while we were apart.” Breakups are always disappointing, but this really does feel like the right move for them right now. I believe they’ll end up back together when (not if!) the time is right. I’m hopeful for that storyline in general, especially now that Maddie has conquered her fear of bathing Jee-Yun.

* I’m less hopeful about Buck’s future with Taylor, though I’m proud of him for (finally) coming clean to her about kissing Lucy. And I’m kind of surprised that Taylor caved so quickly and agreed to stay with him. She and Lucy are bound to come face to face one of these days, and it’s going to be awkward.

* Albert and his mustache are really feeling the pressures of life as firefighters, but they’re otherwise doing well.

Your thoughts on this week’s 9-1-1, specifically Eddie’s big moment? Drop ’em in a comment below.

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