SNL Video: Jake Gyllenhaal's HR Manager Deals With a Stabby Chucky in Explosive Workplace Sketch

Saturday Night Live has its fair share of terrible co-worker sketches, but it’ll be tough to top working with one of cinematic horror’s most famous slashers. Will host Jake Gyllenhaal survive? (Spoiler alert: Nope!)

The sketch begins with a wonderful misdirect: A group of women (Melissa Villaseñor, Chloe Fineman and Ego Nwodim) gossip in the bathroom. There’s a flush and we expect to see the target of their gossip. Instead, we get Chucky, the possessed doll from Childs Play. It’s both silly and grotesque; Chucky’s face is a mask of scars, but he’s only about a foot tall, so his murderous screams are almost adorable.

Gyllenhaal plays the Human Resources rep handling the incident. He reminds them all that stabbing coworkers is against company policy, but so is bullying. Gyllenhaal and the three women all play great straight men to Sarah Sherman’s homicidal maniac, but it’s Aidy Bryant who steals the show and destroys with just two lines as Janet, the aforementioned target of gossip.

Sherman has a distinct comic presence that is often at odds with SNL‘s house style. Most of the season, she’s been used only in the background or as generic characters. But when she’s given creative space, her characters have a chaotic energy that is impossible to ignore. Donna Lacatza from “Winter Formal,” pointing out the disgusting paste around her son’s mouth. The “Meatballs” sketch, which may or may not have permanently diminished Oscar Isaac’s sex appeal by casting him as a disturbing growth on Sherman’s neck. And now the spinning, cackling head of a demonic plushie. Her appearances can be polarizing, but one thing they’re not is forgettable.

Elsewhere in the episode, Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson (played by Nwodim) received advice from Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

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