Moon Knight Introduces Mr. Knight, Among Other Key Players, in Episode 2

Moon Knight Episode 2

Last week’s Moon Knight premiere was one long “WTF?!” parade, so it was nice of Episode 2 to provide us with some answers — even if they just led to more questions.

Fresh off his first transformation into the titular vigilante, Steven wakes up back in his apartment, understandably confused about what the hell happened to him the night before. But when he gets a peek at the museum’s security footage, there’s nary a trace of the jackal-looking creature that attacked him, making his behavior seem even more erratic than it already was. So he isn’t entirely surprised when the higher-ups decide to fire him, but hey, at least they agree not to press any charges.

With nowhere else to go but further down the rabbit hole, Steven uses the key he found in his apartment and discovers a storage locker full of incriminating goodies: a gun, a bag full of foreign cash, and a passport belonging to — wait for it — Marc Spector. Steven also finds that mysterious golden scarab, thereby proving that everything he dreamt about was actually no dream at all.

Marc once again speaks to Steven, insisting that he relinquish control of his body, but Steven isn’t having it. “I don’t care how bloody handsome you are,” Steven says to… himself. “Just tell me you what you are.” This is where we officially learn that Marc is an avatar for Khonshu, the Egyptian god of the moon, with whom he made a deal; Marc explains that if Steven lets him carry out what Khonshu requires, he can have his body back when it’s finished.

The hits keep coming when Steven finally encounters Layla, who immediately tells her husband (!) Marc to drop this whole confused British bit he appears to be doing. She also brings him the divorce papers that Marc apparently sent her, which is always a fun way to meet someone.

Steven agrees not to tell Layla about the scarab he found in the storage locker, as Marc insists that the knowledge will surely get Layla killed, though she ends up finding it anyway. She recalls hunting for that very treasure with Marc, but her trip down memory lane is interrupted by the arrival of some particularly nosy “authorities.”

Recognizing these men as Arthur’s goons, Marc — who was apparently part of a team that robbed and murdered an archaeologist in Egypt — once again demands control of the body. But it’s another hard no from Steven.

Steven also brushes off Khonshu’s order to kill Arthur, who in turn explains that Steven doesn’t need to listen to that chump. The other gods don’t even respect Khonshu, which is why he was banished in the first place. And how does Arthur know this? It turns out he was Khonshu’s previous avatar, his fist of vengeance. And their relationship was not a healthy one.

That’s where Arthur’s new plan comes in to raise the goddess Amit, who will “light the path of good by eradicating the choice of evil.” (Because eliminating free will is always the solution, right?) The scarab, he explains, is a compass that leads to Amit’s tomb, but Steven isn’t about to give up the golden treasure just yet.

So it gives itself up! Layla arrives, scarab in hand, and tells Steven to summon “the suit,” a department in which he doesn’t have much experience. But necessity is the mother of invention, so when Arthur sics another jackal creature on Steven, he yells “SUIT!” during a precarious fall to the ground.

But he doesn’t transform into Moon Knight, at least not as the viewers have known him thus far. Instead, he turns into a “psycho Colonel Sanders” version known as Mr. Knight. Despite its gentlemanly appearance, this new form is pretty powerful, withstanding multiple attacks from the jackal and even surviving getting hit by a car. Once Steven becomes comfortable as Mr. Knight, he’ll be a valuable asset.

That day is not today, however, so Steven finally agrees to let Marc take the steering wheel, enabling him to transform into Moon Knight proper and take out that jackal for good. Unfortunately, Arthur snatches the scarab during the chaos, disappearing along with Layla.

And speaking of Layla, we learn that one of the reasons Marc is willing to serve Khonshu is that the god wants Layla as his next avatar. (Sacrificing himself for the woman he loves? Move over, Mr. Knight, Marc might just be the true gentleman of this story.)

So, where to next? Considering Arthur has the scarab, which leads to Amit’s tomb, and Layla remains in hot pursuit, I’d say there’s only place to go. Pack your bags, folks — we’re heading to Egypt!

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