Jimmy Kimmel and Jimmy Fallon Swap Shows for April Fool's Day — WATCH

Late-night TV’s Jimmys had their respective audiences doing a double take on April Fool’s Day, as Kimmel hosted NBC’s The Tonight Show from New York City, while Fallon lorded over ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live in Los Angeles.

At 11:35 pm ET Friday night, Kimmel and Fallon simultaneously opened each other’s shows for a bit, before going to a split screen to check in with one another, joke about rifling through the other’s dressing room, and pat themselves on the back about the “prank.”

To be sure, Kimmel Live‘s Guillermo Rodriguez was at Fallon’s side on the ABC telecast, while The Tonight Show‘s Steve Higgins (mustachioed for the occasion) joined Kimmel over on NBC.

The two hosts then threw to a pre-taped video where they pranked fans via a photo op where the stranger started off posing with one of the late-night hosts, only to realize the other had sneaked into frame when their back was turned.

“A number of other surprises” were said to be in store throughout each show’s telecast, with the Red Hot Chili Peppers serving as the musical guest on both programs.

(If you are of a certain age and feeling a bit of déjà vu, it may be because on April Fool’s Day 1997, Wheel of Fortune‘s Pat Sajak and Jeopardy!’s Alex Trebek did similar, hosting the other guy’s show for the day — and in that episode of Wheel, Sajak and Vanna White were the sola contestants, spinning for charity.)

Watch the intro video above, and tell us if this switcheroo caught you off guard this April 1. (And if it did, did you quickly change channels to stick with your usual guy, or did you give the “other Jimmy” a try?)

Kimmel’s Tonight Show monologue can be viewed below.