Evil Season 3 Gets Premiere Date — Watch a Tongue-talizing First Teaser

More things Evil this way come, starting in mid-June.

Paramount+’s supernatural/horror drama this Wednesday cryptically teased and then ultimately revealed its Season 3 premiere date — Sunday, June 12. (You see, there’s a “J” in the first sigil, a “U” kinda in the second, that last one looks like a “2”…. Work with me here!)

A first teaser was also released (above), featuring fresh footage of, among other things, some tantalizing licking.

The acclaimed series’ pandemic-delayed sophomore run (its first on Paramount+) unspooled last year in two batches that premiered June 27 and August 29; somewhere in the middle, the spooker was picked up for a third season. Season 3, running 10 episodes, will again roll out on a weekly basis every Sunday.

Evil‘s Season 2 finale on Oct. 10 shook things up and good, and in a way that at least ‘shippers had been awaiting. On the same day that David was ordained as a man of the cloth, Kristen came to him in crisis. She tearfully asked him to hear her confession, which allowed her to finally share the secret she’d kept all season: that she’d killed serial murderer Orson LeRoux, and gotten away with it. As a shocked David absolved her of her sins, a sobbing Kristen fell into his arms. Moments later, they were kissing.

The repercussions of the arguably inappropriate clinch is “something we want to explore in Season 3, very much,” co-showrunner Michelle King told us. “If a priest who possibly has sinned, how does that impact his ability to do his work?”

Indeed, Season 3 is confirmed to begin moments after said smooch, leaving the two to not only navigate this fraught new reality, but contend with David’s involvement with “the entity,” an espionage unit within the Catholic church. Meanwhile, Ben finds his brain breaking from their unsolved cases and turns to his sister for help.

Season 2 also very much left viewers wondering WTF?! is going on with Sheryl, Leland and Tim Matheson’s Edward. “What Sister Andrea says is true — there are 60 families, almost like these are crests of the family, and they’re not genetically connected,” co-showrunner Robert King told TVLine. “When one person dies out, they need to replace them, but that replacement has to be someone who will take on the mantle of whatever that sigil means. We’re going to find out more specifically what the sigils mean next season, but at least at the moment, she has deciphered the fact the way succession happens is through cannibalism.”

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