HBO Max's Sex Lives of College Girls: Gavin Leatherwood Says He Won’t Be Returning for Season 2

Sex Lives of College Girls Gavin Leatherwood

Bad news for The Sex Lives of College Girls‘ Kimberly: Gavin Leatherwood, who played love interest Nico Murray on the HBO Max comedy, will not be back for Season 2, the actor recently told Us Weekly(A source has confirmed the news to TVLine.)

“There is a Season 2, but I’m not going to go back,” Leatherwood said, adding that he was “happy to do the first season,” but he will now be “branching off and going in a different direction.”

“It was such an incredible experience. I think [co-creator] Mindy [Kaling] is brilliant, and the cast, everyone’s lovely,” Leatherwood continued. “But with so many amazing opportunities out there, we want to keep spreading our wings and leading ourselves to other projects so that’s the move.”

Leatherwood’s Nico was a student/frat member who developed a secret relationship with his sister Leighton’s bookish roommate Kimberly. In the Season 1 finale, Kimberly discovered that Nico had a long-distance girlfriend that he didn’t tell her about. When he later found Kimberly trying to steal the frat’s collection of tests to hand over to the honor board, he told her to take the exams if it meant that she wouldn’t get kicked out of school.

“I think Nico does have real feelings for Kimberly, and I think he kind of had them all along,” co-creator/showrunner Justin Noble told TVLine during a post mortem Q&A. “We wanted it to feel like we were living in a gray area where we didn’t exactly know what was up with these two, and the performers played that beautifully. We saw Kimberly pining after Nico, and we were watching Nico in a way where we couldn’t quite pin down where he was. But in the finale, we see he does care about this girl who kind of pursued him at her own expense. … He was a bad guy in terms of a love interest to her. But it does show that he cares about her, and maybe he’s an imperfect character, but he did have true feelings for her all along.”

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