The Good Doctor Can't Stop Discussing Sex at Work — Did Shaun and Lea Manage to Break Their 'Dry Spell'?

The Good Doctor 5x12 'Dry Spell'

The Good Doctor needed a little morale boost of his own after walking in on bride-to-be Lea during a particularly intimate moment. What followed was a laundry list of red flags for St. Bonaventure’s human resources department.

In a moment, you’ll be instructed to offer your take on Monday’s episode — including any thoughts you might have regarding Asher’s new love interest (Hi, Nurse Martel!) or St. Bons’ newly established softball team — but first, a recap of what did (and did not, for quite some time) go down between Shaun and Lea…

The Good Doctor 5x12You see, it’d been nine days since Shaun and Lea had sex — and as Shaun pointed out in earshot of at least a dozen people trying to enjoy their breakfasts, he and Lea typically have sex every two-point-three days. Lea assured Shaun that “boosting her own morale” was not a substitute for having sex with him, and they’d find a way out of their current rut.

Shaun had never suffered a dry spell before, and he wasn’t sure how to break it. So naturally, he asked Lenore the Gift Shop Cashier for advice, who recommended a little light bondage. And then there was Park, who suggested a romantic bubble bath for two — a suggestion Shaun struck down because he knew he’d never be able to compromise on a water temperature. Jordan was next and advocated for scheduled sexy time (“Liability is sexy,” she mused), then came Glassman who served up a poor metaphor derived from a book, “Cum as You Are,” that ex-wife Debbie had gifted him.

Glassman ultimately recommended that Shaun go home, light some candles (nine, to be exact) and turn off The Weather Channel. He needed to forget about work (and the five-day forecast, apparently) and direct all of his attention toward his lovely fiancée. He picked up a bottle of red wine, a box of assorted chocolates and queued up a YouTube video demonstrating the most sensual massage techniques. Having practiced on a pillow, Shaun was good — too good, in fact, and shiatsu’d his missus into a coma.

The Good Doctor 5x12The following day, Shaun attempted to shake things up. He waited for Lea in her office, then jumped out and suggested they have sex right then, right there. Unfortunately for him, Lea was startled and punched him square in the face. Perhaps a “planned surprise” was the way to go instead? But Lea also wasn’t keen on maintaining a sex schedule, and Shaun was clearly out of ideas by the time he turned to Lou the Janitor, who recommended that the surgeon surprise Lea with a sex swing. (Side note: Remind me to introduce Lou the Janitor to Lenore the Gift Shop Cashier at the Murphy/Dilallo wedding.) But in the end, all it took was a sidesplitting tale of vaginismus — yes, that was Crazy Ex-Girlfriend vet Donna Lynne Champlin as Brenna the 45-year-old virgin — to break the spell.

What did you think of The Good Doctor Season 5, Episode 12: “Dry Spell”?

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