Riverdale Recap: Funeral for a Fiend

Riverdale Season 6 Episode 7 Veronica

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Veronica laid one of Riverdale‘s key characters to rest this week — and Archie nearly joined that character in the afterlife.

Ronnie is still wracked with guilt after ordering the hit that snuffed out her dad Hiram. She confesses to Reggie, telling him Hiram’s body was found in the woods with four bullets in the back of his head. She decides to host a memorial for her dad at the casino, with her mom Hermione and her grandmother in attendance. Grandma brings along her godson Heraldo — and she wants Veronica to deliver the eulogy, too.

Hermione shows up, reality TV crew in tow (hi, Marisol Nichols!), and puts on a show for the cameras, but Veronica pulls her aside to get real. They have an emotional talk, and Hermione admits she was jealous of the close bond Veronica and Hiram had. It’s not all love and hugs, though: Hiram’s assassin returns to turn his gun on Veronica, and luckily, Heraldo is there to shoot him dead. Veronica theorizes that Hermosa put the hit out on her. At the funeral, Veronica admits to her mixed feelings for her dad in her eulogy, but she talks about all the great stuff her “daddykins” did, too. Plus, she receives a recording of his final words, where Hiram tells Veronica how much he treasures her as a daughter — and leaves her his rum business. Ooh, Hermosa’s not gonna like that, either.

Riverdale Season 6 Episode 7 ArchieAs for Archie and Betty, their superpowers are starting to fade — Betty’s been getting bad migraines — and the Trash Bag Killer is sending her chopped-up parts of Glen in the mail. (Ew.) Archie realizes his powers could be sapped by the chunk of palladium found during his house rebuild, like it’s his kryptonite. Bad timing, too, because TBK first stalks Betty at her FBI offices, warning her that he’ll go after Archie next… and then Archie gets knocked out cold by the construction crew member who found the palladium.

Turns out that guy is the Trash Bag Killer, who ties up Archie in the attic, knowing that palladium zaps his powers, and threatens to chop him up. Luckily, Alice stops by and drops off Archie’s dog Bingo, who goes into attack mode and knocks TBK through a window. Later, Archie and Betty realize that crew member was TBK and has been listening to all their conversations — including talk about their superpowers. Betty decides to leave Riverdale so the killer will follow her and she won’t endanger anyone else. Just when we were getting used to #Barchie!

Riverdale Season 6 Episode 7 CherylElsewhere in the episode: Cheryl, now possessed by the spirit of her ancestor Abigail, vowed revenge on the gang and took great interest in Toni, who strongly resembles her beloved Thomasina (Nana Rose tried to keep her away from Toni, so “Cherigail” banished her to a horse stable); Kevin is in town taking care of baby Anthony, so he agreed to be his dad’s deputy; that Percival Pickens guy showed up at a town meeting, and we just don’t trust that guy; and Jughead struggled with his deafness, finally using his condition as inspiration to write a graphic novel. But that’s not all: He thought he heard Tabitha say something… but actually, he could hear her thoughts! Yep, Jughead’s got superpowers, too.

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