With American Idol Auditions Complete, We've Met the Winner of Season 20

Let’s be real: You probably didn’t stay up after the Oscars to watch the final round of American Idol Season 20 auditions. And who could blame you? We’ve replayed that Will Smith/Chris Rock slap so many times in our brain, it’s made us dizzy.

But the episode did, in fact, happen. And although there were no more Platinum Tickets left to dole out, the judges still sent a few more singers through to Hollywood. Could this season’s winner be among them? (Come on, it’s got to be someone we’ve seen so far.) Let’s run down Sunday’s eight lucky singers and start wildly speculating:

* Yoli Mayor, 26, who promised to do Cuba, Miami and her grandmother proud. (No pressure!) Fortunately, her original song did just that, earning her the episode’s first golden ticket.

* Danielle Clavell, 21, an actress from Queens who gave Katy Perry instant chills with her emotional take on Demi Lovato’s “Warrior.”

* Katyrah Love, 23, a homeless youth support facilitator whose beautiful soul and beautiful voice shone through in her performance of Bishop Briggs’ “River.” Click here to watch.

* Brooks Kidd, 19, who credits music as being “the reason I’m alive” after struggling with weight loss and depression. Earning a golden ticket for his emotional performance of “Mad World” put a well-deserved smile on his face.

* Sage, 20, a Burbank nanny who gave Perry a jazzy Joss Stone-meets-Diana Krall vibe. Click here to watch.

* Maurice, 22, a street performer who says he makes the most money when he performs songs by Luke Bryan. Now with a very different audience, Maurice’s performance of Morgan Wallen’s “Whiskey Glasses” put him on the track to Hollywood.

* Ava Maybee, 20, a college student who charmed the judges with a truly original twist on Stevie Wonder’s “Lately.” Click here to watch.

* And Scarlet, 18, a sandwich artist who returned for her second shot at Idol stardom, this time making it through to the next round with an original song titled “Bleeding.” Watch:

Did we meet the next American Idol this week? Vote for your favorite auditions below, then drop a comment with your thoughts on Season 20 thus far.

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