Drag Race Sneak Peek Pits Bosco vs. Lady Camden Ahead of This Season's Rusical (and Things Get Awkward)

“Everybody say l’amour!”

Friday’s episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race (VH1, 8/7c) marks the long-awaited arrival of this season’s Moulin Rouge-inspired Rusical challenge. And as you’ll see in TVLine’s exclusive sneak peek at the first act, there’s going to be a lot more drama offstage than on.

You’re not surprised? Fair enough. But what if I told you that Bosco is the queen responsible for creating that drama? OK, now we’re talking.

Like all good pre-Rusical fights, this one comes down to casting, as both Bosco and Lady Camden find themselves gunning for the role of “Saltine.” Bosco attempts the “I’m putting my foot down” routine (I blame Daya Betty for making that a thing), but Camden isn’t willing to entertain that (nor should she), instead suggesting that they flip a coin.

Sounds fair, right? Not to Bosco, who suggests that they put it to a group vote. Camden is OK with this, adding that everyone should vote with their eyes closed, but Bosco shoots that down immediately. “I want to know,” she says.

But when the votes even out, with a very conflicted Willow Pill serving as the tie-breaker, Bosco may regret her strategy.

On a lighter note, can we at least appreciate that Moulin Rouge will still be running on Broadway when this episode airs? It was so depressing watching the queens lip sync to “Let It Go” shortly after Frozen closed for good.

(In other Drag Race news, fans can now kill time between episodes by playing RuPaul’s Drag Race: Race for the Crown Online, which lets you “roll the dice and sashay through a drag-inspired candy world where you collect pieces of your drag look, answer trivia, ‘lip-sync’ for your life, and participate in mini and maxi challenges. Get more info here.)

Hit PLAY on the video above for your first look at Friday’s episode — which includes Jasmine Kennedy’s characteristically lengthy goodbye message to the other girls — then drop a comment with your thoughts below. Who should play Saltine, and which queen(s) are you still rooting for?