Superman & Lois Recap: Who Didn't Survive Their Trip Through the Portal?

Superman & Lois Recap

The Lane sisters’ feud has officially gone interdimensional.

With both of the pendants in their possession, Ally sent Anderson over to the other dimension on Tuesday’s Superman & Lois, where her shadow self told him to give her a message: “Come now!” Not wanting to keep herself waiting, Ally rounded up her followers — including Lucy and Chrissy, the latter of whom tagged along for research purposes — and broke into the mine, where a portal opened to aid in their “ascension.” But when people began disintegrating, rather than traveling through the portal, it was clear that something was up.

Unlike several others, who were clearly vaporized, it seems like Anderson’s fate remains somewhat TBD. Of course, there’s no telling — seriously, Ally won’t tell — how many hazmat-suited followers lost their lives in those mines, but at least Chrissy and her blunt bob will live to see another day. The same couldn’t be said for Lucy, who was believed to be among the dead until she finally returned to her apartment, where she apologized for hurting their family and letting Ally into their lives.

It was a lovely reunion. Hell, they even made brunch plans. (“You brunch?” Lucy asked her father in understandable disbelief.) Unfortunately, it was all a charade. The minute Lucy got Sam alone, she drugged him, swiped his D.O.D. access card and left to bust Ally out of captivity.

Also worth discussing this week…

‘THE FRATERNALS’ | Jordan agreed to attend the world’s most awkward date with Sarah and the girl she kissed at camp, but he got sidetracked on the way when he overheard Jonathan’s screams of terror; he and Candice were being roughed up (to put it mildly) by a townie to whom Candice owed money for all that confiscated X-K. But even with a boost from the good stuff, Johnny Neck Tattoos was no match for Jordan, who sent the idiot flying into the windshield of his own car. The sight of Jordan swooping in to save his brother was pretty exciting, a little sneak peek of what’s surely to come down the line as Jordan’s powers continue to grow. Not knowing how to explain his cuts and bruises, Jordan was forced to pass on being Sarah and Aubrey’s third wheel for the night, but he might as well learn now that playing superhero requires making sacrifices.

‘IS THIS THE NEW NORMAL?’ | Then again, a Sarah-Aubrey-Jordan date couldn’t possibly be as awkward as Lana and Kyle’s new dynamic. Even though she let him stick around and prepare her for the debate against Mayor Dean, Lana wasn’t thrilled that her opponent is essentially going to turn Kyle’s mistakes into weapons against her. And she let him know that. And she wasn’t wrong to do it. But did my heart break a tiny bit when Lana told Kyle that he did the right thing by getting his own place? You bet. I just want these crazy kids to be happy, OK?

Your thoughts on this week’s Superman & Lois? Do you think Anderson survived his trip through the portal? And were you surprised by that last Lucy twist? Whatever’s on your mind, drop it in a comment below.

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