Maury Povich Confirms Retirement After 31 Years on Air: 'As I Occasionally Tell My Guests... Enough, Already!'

Maury Povich Show Ending

Following news that daytime talk show Maury would cease production this spring, host Maury Povich has both confirmed and commented on his upcoming retirement.

“Six years ago when I was ready to retire, my NBCUniversal family asked me to continue the show,” he said in a statement released Sunday. “Even though I told them I was ready for assisted living, out of loyalty to NBCUniversal and my more than 100 staff and crew members, Tracie Wilson and I agreed to one more deal. I’m so proud of my relationship with NBCUniversal and all those who worked on the Maury show, but as I occasionally tell my guests: ‘Enough, already!'”

Maury will complete its run of original episodes in September following 31 total seasons in broadcast television. Its final season marks the 24th with its current parent company.

“Maury and I decided two years ago that this season would be the farewell season for the show, and while his retirement is bittersweet, we are so happy for him to be able to spend more time on the golf course,” Executive Vice President of NBCUniversal Syndication Studios Tracie Wilson said. “Maury is a television icon, a pop culture legend and we couldn’t be more proud to have been a part of his incredible career.”

Maury began in 1991 as The Maury Povich Show under the auspices of Paramount Domestic Television. In 1998, its title was shortened when production was taken over by what is now known as NBCUniversal. The series was last renewed two years ago through the 2021-2022 TV season.

Povich began his career as a radio reporter in Washington D.C. before achieving national fame as the host of A Current Affair in 1986. He stayed with the infotainment series until his departure in 1990.

Sad to see Maury sign off after all of these years? Will you keep watching its repeats? Let us know in the Comments.

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