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Star Trek: Picard's Annie Wersching Teases Borg Queen's Obsession with Agnes, 'Big Decisions' Involving Seven

Annie Wersching as the Borg Queen in Star Trek: Picard

The following contains spoilers from Thursday’s Star Trek: Picard. Proceed accordingly.

It took four hours of makeup and prosthetics — the process eventually shaved down to two and a half hours — to transform Annie Wersching into Star Trek: Picard’s intriguing, all-knowing villainess. Although an imposing figure, the Borg Queen may have met her match in Agnes Jurati.

During a brief assimilation with the Queen in Thursday’s episode, Agnes covertly took important information (in a file named “S—t I Stole From the Borg Queen,” no less) which included coordinates to someone named “The Watcher.” If Picard and Agnes are correct, this mystery person could be the key to understanding how and when the timeline changed.

Agnes’ bold move to steal from the Queen left an indelible impression on the leader of the Collective.

“She immediately has a fascination with Agnes Jurati,” Wersching explains. “She’s so used to human beings being so beneath her. All of a sudden, there’s this human mind that she’s like, ‘Wait a minute, yours is different. Why do you know so much? Aren’t you clever?’ It’s this amazing cat-and-mouse game.”

And while Agnes seems to have bested the Borg Queen, Wersching isn’t so sure that wasn’t an intentional move. “The audience is left to believe in certain situations that Jurati got one over on her. I just wonder if maybe some of that isn’t part of Queen’s plan to let Jurati think she’s a little bit in control,” she says.

“One of the interesting things about the Queen is that as we go along, you still just don’t really know what her game plan is,” the actress adds. “She seems to be wholly and fully obsessed with Agnes Jurati. She doesn’t seem to concern herself with getting back to the Collective or finding other Borg. She seems to be wholly obsessed with Agnes Jurati, which there are reasons that we will come to see why that is, and what her game plan truly is.”

In the coming episodes, the Borg Queen will have to make “some very big decisions as we get towards the end of the season,” including one involving Seven of Nine (who broke free from the Borg Collective). “It’s interesting because I don’t think it necessarily goes in the direction most people would assume,” Wersching teases.