Kung Fu Recap: Family Reunion — Plus, Grade the Season 2 Premiere

Olivia Liang in Kung Fu Season 2

Things were actually looking up for Nicky Shen in Wednesday’s Kung Fu Season 2 premiere. After defeating Zhilan and releasing the Biange into the earth, she returned home and continued to excel as her city’s protector. She even convinced a trio of street criminals to return money they stole from a local business.

After hanging out with Althea, Ryan, Dennis, Evan and Henry, she returned home to find a masked stranger. Their fight revealed an evenly matched opponent who escaped before their identity could be revealed. Nothing was stolen, so this must have been personal. In a chat with Henry, she revealed she could sense the unidentified figure in the hoodie and that they shared a connection.

While training with Ryan, Nicky looked stronger than ever. Ryan was convinced the Biange energy turned her into a superhero since she’s operating at such a high level. Although Nicky chalked it up to training, she was still thrown off that the person who broke into her house got so close.

Kung Fu Season 2Elsewhere, Evan has been working with a new assistant named Nadia to get intel on Sasha, a mercenary with ties to Russell Tan. The team soon realized that Sasha stole all of their research on the weapons and the Biange, which was confounding since the weapons were destroyed and the Biange energy was released back into the earth. It turned out that Sasha was working with Russell to train another girl, and their mysterious plan was set into motion.

Althea’s overachiever work style clashed with her new boss, who preferred that she focus on securing deals that make them rich rather than “checking what’s under the hood.” She wasn’t exactly thrilled, but felt stuck in this role since she’s been out of a job for a year.

At a women’s detention center in Kunming, China, Zhilan hadn’t been faring so well. She’d been kept in solitary confinement and was only let out to mop the floors. There, she was bullied by a fellow inmate, who inquired about her guardian necklace.

Meanwhile, business was booming at Harmony Dumplings, so much so that Nicky’s mom hired a chef named Sebastian on the spot. He came in clutch for Mei-Li by offering to help her with the family’s New Year’s reunion dinner after she worried about not having time to cook.

Nicky and Henry found their research in Sasha’s secret hideout, along with a bracelet identical to the one from Mei-Li’s jewelry box. Nicky’s mom revealed that it’s part of a set — one belonging to Nicky’s aunt Mei-Xue. Nicky then pieced together that the hooded figure was Mei-Xue’s daughter, Mia.

Kung Fu Season 2Mia paid a visit to Evan, who removed her mask during the fight. After tying him up, she demanded to know why he had been looking into her. Nicky and the gang arrived just in time to talk Mia down, also getting her to open up about what brought her to San Francisco. We learned that Mei-Xue kept Mia trapped in the cabin, insisting the world was too dangerous for her. She ran away to New York at 16 years old and befriended other squatters. Sasha found her and killed her friends, so she returned home before tracking Nicky to San Francisco.

With Sasha still out there, Mia wasn’t safe. Cue the lights cutting off and a group of mercenaries ambushing the gang. Sasha took Mia during the commotion, and Nicky chased her down. Nicky eventually overpowered Sasha while the others freed Mia, putting this small problem to bed. However, there was still the larger issue of Russell Tan and his big plans, whatever they were.

The group gathered for dinner, with Nicky bringing Mia as her plus-one. Mia was immediately welcomed by Nicky’s parents, with Mei-Li in awe of how much she looks like her sister Mei-Xue. The episode wrapped on a nice moment as the family enjoyed a meal together, and Nicky promised her mom she would protect Mia.

In a closing scene, Kerwin — who’d been in a coma since the fight in Shanghai — woke up disoriented and with Russell telling him he’s home. Back at the women’s detention center, Zhilan was assaulted in her cell, and her necklace was stolen. At her lowest point, she saw her sister Pei-Ling, who told her “it is time” to finally face everything she’s done.

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