Upload Season 2: Robbie Amell and Andy Allo Preview Nathan and Nora's Separate Journeys, Her New Guy

Plenty of time has passed since Upload Season 1 debuted — 22 long months, to be exact! — and for Nathan and Nora, Season 2’s long-awaited premiere this Friday also brings plenty of distance.

When last the satirical sci-fi comedy left off, Nathan had found himself out of data and frozen in the 2 Gig tier of Lakeview, unable to reciprocate Nora’s declaration of love. Nora then fled the city from the people connected to Nathan’s death, while he got a surprise visitor: his ex Ingrid uploaded to the digital afterlife to be with Nathan.

When the new season picks up, “[Nathan] doesn’t know where Nora is, he doesn’t know if she’s in danger,” star Robbie Amell previews in the above video. “He also wants to tell her he loves her. So he needs to find her, and really, the only way he can do that is with Ingrid’s help, even though she doesn’t know she’s helping him. He can’t stay in 2 Gig, he can’t be on low data.”

Unbeknownst to Nathan, Nora is hiding out in the woods with the Ludd movement’s followers, living off the land and completely disconnected from technology. “They’re kind of on trajectories that are taking them further apart at the beginning of the season,” creator Greg Daniels says.

And as more time passes by, “it starts to feel like Nora may not want to be found. It starts to feel like things are probably over,” Amell shares. “Then she meets somebody else. Enough time has passed that she needs to start trying to move on. Then see each other again, and that just kind of feels like it changes everything.”

Nora’s new fella is a Ludd supporter by the name of Matteo (played Royal Pains‘ Paulo Costanzo), who “wants to tear down the digital world built by corporations,” Daniels describes.

Adds Andy Allo, who plays Nora: “Matteo is passionate, has very strong beliefs. I think that’s something that resonates with Nora very much. They compliment each other. They’re a good couple.”

“There’s still that part of Nora that doesn’t have closure with Nathan, but she’s desperately trying to move on with Matteo. It’s heartbreaking, all of it!” Allo continues with a laugh. “He didn’t tell her he loves her, he’s got his ex there now!”

While that might make it seem like the odds are stacked against Nathan and Nora, “I don’t think all hope is lost,” Allo concedes, “but I think it’s going to take a lot of work to win Nora back.”

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