SNL Video: Chloe Fineman Channels Anna Delvey In Inventing Anna Parody

It doesn’t matter if you wouldn’t necessarily do anything for Chloe Fineman. On this week’s Saturday Night Live, she’ll make you do it anyway.

“Inventing Chloe” sees Fineman take control like the grifter in the streaming series Inventing Anna. After bingeing a little too much of the Netflix series, Fineman tries her hand at living the high life, Anna Delvey style. “That’s akchully my sandwich,” she says in a confident voice that’s two parts Russian, two parts German, and, like, nine parts Christopher Walken. “My sandwich is in your mouth. Give me my sandwich.”

With fancy new hair, wardrobe, and glasses, she begins to run through SNL‘s backstage. “Chips are broke ass. We need something more exclusive. More VIP. Like Nobu,” Fineman says to a hapless PA. She tells him to run it on her card, which turns out to just be a metro card.

She dupes Kyle Mooney out of his sofa, convinces James Austin Johnson that Lorne has given her his role on the show as Joe Biden, and takes Michael Che’s co-anchor spot on Weekend Update. That last one didn’t take much effort; Che already has a suitcase packed and barely has time to get out an “Alright bet,” before he’s out the door.

Even guest host Oscar Isaac gets steamrolled by the newly empowered Fineman – though it takes him a while to figure it out on account of the accent. “You look pahr.” “I look what now?” “Perr.” “Perr?” “Pahr.” “Pahr?” “Pure.” “Pure?” “Purr.” “Purr?” “Paar.” “Poor?” “Poor, yeah.”

Never underestimate the power of an impenetrable Walken impression.

Of course, it was all going to come crashing down sooner or later. The PA confronts her about all the expensive food and wardrobe she’s been charging. She’s rescued by Kate McKinnon who tells her that all she needs is confidence — that she’s had a Delvey inside her all along. Fineman gratefully hands over the glasses, only for McKinnon to reveal that she’s the new Anna Delvey. Very VIP!

What did you think of Fineman’s impression of Julia Garner’s impression of Anna Delvey? Hit the comments with your reactions to the parody.