Drag Race Gives Us the Lip Sync Battle 'We Have Been Waiting For' All Season

Drag Race Recap Bosco Wins

There’s always a strong sense of excitement in the air when the safe queens of RuPaul’s Drag Race gather to watch their bottom brethren lip sync for their lives. But this week, the girls were positively giddy.

“Let me tell you this, America, we have been waiting for this!” DeJa Skye confidently claimed as Friday’s bottom two, Jasmine Kennedie and Jorgeous, sweated it out under the lights of the main stage. Even Angeria Paris VanMichaels piled on: “Oh, yes! The Jasmine vs. Jorgeous lip sync smackdown!”

Expectations were high as the duo channeled their inner Etta James (or Christina Aguilera in Burlesque, to each their own queen) for a savage showdown of “Something’s Got a Hold on Me.” Funny, dramatic, insane — the entire spectacle stunned the judges and left Ru incapable of making a decision. So she didn’t! Jasmine and Jorgeous were rewarded for their efforts with an elusive double shantay.

“Ladies in the back, please take note: This is how you lip sync for your life,” Ru told the peanut gallery.

So, how did we reach this herstoric moment? It all started with this week’s mini challenge, which brought back Drag Race‘s time-honored tradition of celebrity photobombing. Though every queen acted a fool in their own way, Willow Pill took the win for showing us what it would like if a washed-up Mary Lou Retton twerked on Jake Gyllenhaal while he was out walking his dog, which was something we didn’t think we needed to see… until we saw it.

Watch the mini challenge in full below:

As the winner, Willow got to pick her teammates for this week’s maxi challenge, in which two groups presented competing DragCon panels about the “multi-faceted world of menzes — dating, fatherhood and toxic masculinity.” Willow snatched up DeJa, Angeria and Lady Camden as her fellow panelists, leaving Bosco, Daya Betty, Jasmine and Jorgeous. (Since we’ve already established that Jasmine and Jorgeous landed in the bottom, you can imagine which panel was more successful.)

Both DeJa and Bosco excelled as moderators, but the latter delivered a little something extra that propelled her forward. Not only was every word out of her mouth either smart or funny (sometimes even both at once!), but she also offered thoughtful commentary about the dangers of toxic masculinity. Other highlights from the panels included: Willow referring to Ross Mathews and Carson Kressley as prototypical masc-for-masc gays, Angeria’s message for dads that loving your gay child doesn’t make you less masculine, and the entire concept of “more dads in drag.” That’s one platform we can all blindly support.

And we’re absolutely saving a spot in Quotes of the Week for Willow’s savage self-assessment: “Out of drag, I look like a sad Victorian doll. And in drag, I look like a sad Victorian doll with whore makeup.”

This week’s runway category was Shoulder Pads™, and the queens did not disappoint. DeJa set the bar high in a silly, chic nod to both Coco Chanel and linebackers; Camden gave us a cute transformation from nutcracker soldier to nighttime temptress; Willow gave us a preview of what menswear will look like in 2079, complete with a spiky Cynthia wig cool enough to forgive her somewhat understated shoulder pads; and Angeria took us to Fashion Avenue in a head-to-toe houndstooth look, complete with a matching crown.

Next up, Bosco served Toonami realness, giving us notes of Dragon Ball Z, Power Rangers and even X-Men’s Jubilee; Jorgeous once again lived her Selena fantasy, even if her puffy sleeves didn’t exactly match the category; Jasmine channeled her inner Powerpuff Girls villain inn a lemon-lime body suit; and Daya came out swinging as a “G.I. Joe doll mixed with gladiator bitch from hell.”

The judges didn’t all get Bosco’s look, but that didn’t stop her from securing a well-deserved second win.

Your thoughts on Jasmine and Jorgeous’ double shantay? Bosco’s win? Drop ’em all in a comment below.